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At the 2005 Chicago auto show, Honda showed off a nearly production concept of the next Civic. As the current Civic suffered from some criticism from the influential and passionate tuner market, the concept was shown in Si form. If the concept is any indication, this time around, the Si will be a coupe, however, and not a hatchback. Honda indicated that the concept was 90% production.
At the same time, Honda announced a tighter relationship with this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show in November, where Honda will be the official vehicle manufacturer. The production Si will be introduced at the 2005 SEMA show, which caters to the aftermarket and tuner markets, a highly important segment of Civic sales. The Si will get a 200HP VTEC mated to a six-speed manual transmission; the concept wore eighteen-inch wheels and tires and a large but relatively conservative spoiler. Styling is sleek and streamlined, with a very short hood and wheel wells wrapping around the concept’s eighteen-inch wheels and tires.
For the rest of the Civic range, the sedan and coupe will also arrive in fall 2005. An updated hybrid will be offered and Civic will continue to offer a natural-gas-powered version.

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  1. AutoGuy 11/02/2005, 11:59 am:

    The “Specialty Equipment Market Association” should spec out hope to create a dock built into the head unit for my iPod. I would like to see all my playlists, and see the song and artist name on the display of the head unit.

  2. AutoGuy 11/02/2005, 12:02 pm:

    Hey! That’s a good idea!

  3. buddy 11/02/2005, 12:30 pm:

    What? Did you see this in AutoWeek?

  4. karxprt 11/02/2005, 2:08 pm:

    Honda was supposed to own SEMA in 2005. Apparently more auto manufacturers thought the same thing and auto manufacturer displays are hugely bigger than in previous years.

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