2008 Mazda Tribute – Still Great Crossover SUV


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  1. Tamika 06/20/2007, 5:29 pm:

    I have seen Mazda Tribute on the road but just a few compared to Ford Escape. One notable difference of Mazda Tribute from Ford Escape/Maverick is its suspension which is tuned for a firmer ride than the latter to correspond with Mazda’s sporty image. There are few changes made to this 2008 Mazda Tribute like its tail gate which will have a new Mazda tail gate handle, headlamps and new grille design.

  2. Mr.Vent 07/20/2007, 1:39 am:

    What I like from this car is its peppy performance, good fuel economy, and excellent visibility all the way around the car. The Tribute has the ride and handling of a much smaller sports car. But I don’t like is the second-row seat because its really difficult to fold down to extend the cargo floor.

  3. Bill Spiers 08/11/2007, 5:34 pm:

    My daughter’s Tribute now has 3500 miles on the odometer and has been the source of a lot of smiles for her. She likes the peppy suspension and V-6 acceleration. The gas mileage is in the acceptable range, but not fantastic. I can however, afford a lot of gas for the price I paid for it compared to the CR-V I had planned to buy. My sister-in-law liked the Tribute enough to buy a 2008 model with a 4 cyl and a few bells and whistles. Thanks, George for the advice on the Tribute. I expect this to be a dependable vehicle for her to take to college.

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