Ford S-Max – European Crossover OK for USA?


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  1. Mr. Vent 06/27/2007, 8:05 pm:

    As I have heard that the safety features make a long list with a variety of acronyms that promise ample protection which include Mazda brake shoe, brake dust shield, brake pad, and other high quality brake system parts. Another standard features would be on all trims that will include air conditioning, power windows and door locks, remote keyless entry, cruise control, and six airbags… A Cool Interior – This CX9 that focuses on refinement and elegance, a pretty aggressive styling for an SUV….

    Mr. Vent
    Not that I want to criticize your comments at all, or your attempt to drop a link into your comment, but your comments are practically unintelligible. It would serve better if you took time to edit it before submitting.

  2. Benjamin 01/05/2008, 2:54 am:

    I’d like to know the colour displayed on the pictures above.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Best regards

  3. brett kaufman 04/07/2008, 8:26 pm:

    The position that this vehicle can compete is on mpg.
    The overall vehicle is very good looking and functional….the sell price seems high for the other options Ford has. however, if the mpg was double based on the diesel version — they will have a winner.
    I am looking for such a transport that has good milage and is functional to carry more than 5 at times or luggage or project things like recycles. I have a Volvo now that is similar, but millage is 17 +/- 2 mpg — IOW, the milage sucks, but the overall package is the same.
    I hope Ford brings the diesel for the mpg — I think it will sell; look at VW’s versions — you cant get one.

  4. Alexis Cousein 10/04/2008, 2:20 am:

    The colour [sic – it’s a British car, after all] is Tango Red.

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