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VehicleVoice #81 – Emitting Only Water – Honda Makes a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car for Production

I have conversations with people all the time about hybrid cars. And I’m often amazed at how many people “peeshaw” the whole concept. They say things like, “Well, the fuel savings aren’t really that significant” or “Emissions aren’t all that better.” It saddens me to see so many people dump on new technology. Yes, hybrids have a long way to go before they’re everything we need them to be. But it’s a start. Embrace the idea, you nay-sayers, and pull your heads out of your belching tail pipes, already!
Honda’s new hydrogen fuel cell production vehicle might get a few of these folks to shut up for a minute. Yes, the technology is cutting edge. Yes, the range on this vehicle is still hobbled by the lack of hydrogen fueling stations. Yes, it ain’t cheap. But the new Honda FCX Clarity is groundbreaking in every way. Emitting only water, gorgeously styled, and a true look at what we can do if we put our minds to finding real power train alternatives, the FCX Clarity made its debut at the L.A. Auto Show and had notoriously jaded automotive journalists truly interested.
VehicleVoice’s Jim Hossack got a tour of this original peek into the future.

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