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2009 Chevrolet Tahoe: Motorist Choice Award Winner

Chv_07_TahoeLTZ_10 copy.jpg“Chevrolet’s Tahoe takes the Motorist Choice Award in the Large SUV segment, after winning AutoPacific’s 2009 Vehicle Satisfaction Award. Owners appreciate its reputation for reliability/durability and its wide array of safety features provide a strong feeling of driving safety, all complemented by highly rated driver’s seat comfort and driver?s forward visibility.” — AutoPacific
“The Tahoe has the lowest fuel, insurance, and maintenance in the segment as well as ranking first in the AutoPacific survey.” — IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
* Reliable/Dependable
* Overall Quality
* Safety Features/Feeling Safe While Driving
* Driver’s Visibility
* Seat Comfort and Seating Capacity
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
* Lowest Fuel Costs
* Lowest Insurance Costs
* Lowest Maintenance Costs

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