NHTSA Unfairly Burns the Volt’s Reputation


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  1. dixiedrifter 12/05/2011, 10:12 am:

    The issue here is, GM attempted to pedal a “bill of goods”. The Volt is the only EV thus far to experience potential fire issues following standardized safety tests. What this indicates, GM engineering appears to be suspect. With a new technology upon us, GM had better go back to the drawing board, anything less than a re-design will result in a significant loss of EV market share. Maybe there is a reason GM’s competition chose to use an air-cooled battery design? As the Volt crash test facts are made available, it looks more and more like GM stubbed their toe. GM now has a two-fold problem on their hands, a suspect vehicle with a PR disaster about to erupt.

    • Doug 02/03/2012, 12:39 pm:

      GM pedaled a bill of good’s. What is that susposedto mean? You obviously listen to too much Neil Cavuto. My apologies, but I don’t suffer fools well and when people opine about things they know nothing of it borders on ignornance.
      Have you driven a Chevy Volt? Have you read the follow up reports and what GM has done to resolve the issue? Have you taken the time to review the facts and assesments? Did you listen to any of the senate testimonials?
      I own a Chevy Volt and have told everyone of my friends and relatives it’s a grat car. I’ve allowed all who wish to expierence it, to drive it. All and I mean all, have stated it’s more car than they expected and most have asked to drive it again.
      “Its better to think one a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

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