2013 Lincoln Motor Company MKZ: Little More Zest, Less Zzzzz


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  1. bp 08/23/2013, 5:11 pm:

    In response to Dave Sullivan.
    I’ve purchased the 2013 MKZ several month ago, with the following observations:

    Purchased the “Hybrid” which lists at exactly the same base MSRP as the 2.0L turbo. There was no premium for the hybrid which has a 2.0L (non turbo). The MKZ Hybrid system is identical to the Fusion Hybrid, the difference in MSRP is about 7k. But my MKZ has 11k in options, most of it “technical” stuff. And as for Ford’s technology – it’s put together as if none of their “developers” have ever driven a car before. Ford should immediately contract with “Apple” (or some other software developer) to revamp their entire technology systems. There software and user interface are at the polar opposite of proficiency and thereby not efficient (particularly while operating a vehicle). Since there has been some time since your article, as an example, I’d like to offer Ford’s ECM software upgrade on the MKZ and Fusion, that allows them to operate in EV mode up to 85mph (up from 62mph) because owners complained of not reaching the advertised city/highway 45mpg.

    Otherwise it’s not too bad, it’s a little clunky whenever the gas engine kicks in for acceleration or to charge the battery, and it’s completely absurd that, even though I have the “running light” option, you can’t use them in conjunction with the “auto” headlights (there’s a rotary switch that controls both functions). That’s not a big thing, but I like daytime running lights and for 48k, I should have running lights, LEDs or otherwise.

    Beneath it all and to their credit Ford, is the only American car mfr offering 3 different electric/hybrid cars. I just got tired of waiting for the Cadillac version of the “Volt”, for which I tried to get on a waiting list (even though they didn’t know, and still don’t know the price range).

    At any rate, it’s an American “Luxury” hybrid, with technology licensed from Toyota, that’s comfortable, and never fails to get at least 35mpg. But like most computer technology, once it’s set to your comfort zone, it’ll be ok, I’ve just got better things to do, and learning new computer stuff is not on that list. If we can put a man on the moon, . . . etc.

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