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Revenue Generator – Which Vehicles Generate the Most Cash?

New car and light truck owners responding to AutoPacific‘s annual New Vehicle Satisfaction Survey, provide the price they paid for their vehicle.  That price is what the buyer pays the dealer.  A vehicle that is a strong revenue generator is golden to the health of a brand.  Of course the revenue is split into many smaller and smaller pieces.  Simplistically, the dealer buys the vehicle from the manufacturer and sells it at a profit.  And that is about as complicated as we are going to get, because that is not the story we are chasing.

We want to know which vehicles generate the most revenue.  This is analysis is rough.  We use the median price paid from AutoPacific’s research and multiply that times the numbers of vehicles sold in 2016.  Each of the top ten vehicles generated $10 billion or more of revenue.

AutoPacific Revenue Analysis by Vehicle Line

F-Series Top Revenue Generator  The top revenue generator was the Ford F-Series.  Not only is the F-Series the top selling vehicle in the market, about 30% of its sales are of very expensive Super Duty models.  Our rough estimate of the F-Series revenue is about $38.5 billion.  This may be low, because Super Duties may be under-represented because many are commercial use that are not included in the research.

Top Four in Revenue are Pickups  Following the F-Series, the top revenue generators are in order:  Chevrolet Silverado ($27 billion), Ram ($24 billion), GMC Sierra ($11 billion).  Combined, the Silverado and Sierra about equal the overall revenue of the F-Series.

Five Through Seven are SUVs  The top selling crossover SUV is the Honda CR-V and it is the first non-puckup on the list.  It generates almost $11 billion in revenue.  The sixth top revenue generator is the Toyota RAV4 at about $10.5 billion.  The CR-V and RAV4 are expected to be Honda’s and Toyota’s top sellers for 2017 outselling the Accord and Camry.  The Ford Explorer sells for about $12,000 more per vehicle than the CR-V, but sells 110,000 less vehicles.  Nevertheless it is 7th on the list generating about $10.4 billion.

Camry and Accord are 8th and 9th Top Revenue Generator  The previously top selling non-pickups were the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.  By AutoPacific’s analysis, Accord generated $10.4 billion in revenue in 2018 while the Camry generated $10.2 billion.

Nissan Rogue Caps Off The Top Ten  The Nissan Rogue crossover SUV is tenth top revenue vehicle with about $9.7 billion.  Having shot above Altima in sales, Rogue is Nissan’s top revenue vehicle line.


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