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2020 Silverado HD – Chevy’s Response to Ford’s Super Duty

Flint, Michigan:  Chevrolet is bringing the fight to Ford’s Super Duty line-up with the all new 2020 Silverado HD pickup line.  In a reveal at GM’s Flint heavy duty truck assembly plant Chevrolet showcased the new 2020 Silverado HD.  

A week earlier Ford showcased its Super Duty freshening for 2020 and it was impressive.  In essence, the changes to the Chevrolet are an attempt to catch up with the Ford Super Duty that was launched in 2016.  

Ford showed an all new 7.3L big block V8 added to the Super Duty.  Chevrolet showed an all new 6.6L small block V8.  It has an impressive 401HP and 464 lb-ft of torque. Ford announced it was applying its 10-speed automatic transmission to the Super Duty.  Chevrolet continues with its tried and proven 6-speed automatic.

2020 Silverado HD Larger Than Before

The all-new 2020 Silverado HD is bigger all-around; longer, wider, higher.  The wheelbase for Crew Cab has been increased by over 5-inches.  This gives rest Cb about 3-inches more interior length.  Overall length over 10-inches longer.  Width is a bit over an inch wider.  Height is about 2-inches taller.  These trucks are simply getting HUGE.

Styling is evolutionary but the skin is all new with only the roof panels shared with the Silverado 1500 which was new for 2019.  The front end style is stronger and more brutish than the Silverado 1500.  Better differentiation than before.

Twenty-two combinations are available across five trim levels – Work, Custom, LT, LTZ and the luxurious High Country model.  As expected, each gets a unique grill design – five in all.  Go back to the Ford Super Duty grill count – ten.  The horizontal brand identifier includes “CHEVROLET” nomenclature on the four lower trim levels of the 2020 Silverado HD.  Only the High Coutry model gets the gold Chevrolet bow tie.

Trailer Towing a Strong Emphasis

There is tremendous attention made to drivers who tow.  More than 90% of Chevrolet HD drivers tow at some point.  Through chassis, suspension and Powertrain upgrades, Chevrolet increased towing capabilities across the line, not just for dually buyers.  For instance, a sophisticated camera system with 15 views is available to make driving with a trailer safer and more convenient.  This camera system enables a “transparent trailer” where the driver can virtually view the trailer and its surroundings.

Trailer Towing Bragging Rights a Very Low Volume Affair

Chevrolet is claiming a 35,500 pound towing capacity for a very specific 2020 Silverado HD model; 6.6L Duramax V8 turbo-diesel with 445HP and 910 lb-ft of torque and new Allison 10-speed automatic transmission.  But the max towing rating comes with a very specific body style: 4×2 regular cab with dual rear wheels.  In a market overwhelmingly choosing higher trim levels and Crew Cab models, it seems like the max towing HD model will be a very, very low volume configuration.

Ford Likely Wins “Heavy Duty Show-Down for 2020” vs. 2020 Silverado HD.  

Without having the details of the 2020 RAM HD pickups, it appears the updates included in the freshening of the Ford Super Duty have headed off the 2020 Silverado HD at the pass.  The Silverado HD is a strong effort, but Ford’s all-new for 2016 Super Duty combined with the comprehensive freshening for 2020 keep Ford in the lead.


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