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The National Insurance Institute of Highway Safety announced its rankings of the ten safest 2006 model year cars on Sunday December 4, 2005. To make the ratings game easier to understand, NIIHS has developed a gold silver rating scheme.
VIP Auto Fashion Show in Anaheim an upscale spin-off of Hot Import Nights had Cadillac, Mazda and Subaru as manufacturer participants. Major sponsor was XM Satellite Radio. DUB was also had a high profile at the show.
For an Audi TT driver, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a better choice than bigger SUVs like Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer and Jeep Commander. When you don't have to haul lots of folks, the 3rd row seat is just along for the ride.
We at the Toyota Motor Corporation are writing to address certain misconceptions that have arisen about your Toyota Prius model, which we are proud to note is driven by many celebriies, including Prince Charles and HBO's Larry David. interviews AutoPacific president about VehicleVoice Fuel Price Impact Survey
October 2005 Fuel Price Impact Survey conducted by VehicleVoice ( for AutoPacific, Inc confirms that many consumers intend to shift the type of vehicle they drive.
As the trend towards SUV and crossover vehicles continues, the question comes up: Should SUVs be labeled as potentially dangerous vehicles in ordinary driving? Does this excuse drivers themselves from the responsibility of knowing where their children and others who may be in proximity to their vehicles are? And, given the technology available today, will rear-view video cameras be enough to signal whether or not a child or pet is present when a vehicle begins to back up? Time will tell.
VehicleVoice conducted a survey with its automotive Internet panel to find out if people really understand what a Hybrid is all about.
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