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Pulling double duty – it essentially replaces both the Rendezvous and Rainier — the Buick Enclave has not only caught the attention of a much larger and much younger demographic, it has earned a reputation as 2008’s Ideal Vehicle in the Luxury Crossover SUV category. Owners reported that the interior is spacious, with generous passenger room and interior storage. Its interior lighting, safety and ample technology compliment the exterior styling, wheels and tires and ride.

After a lovely 4th of July weekend, doing my best to focus energies on anything not related to work (something I hear is easy for most people to do, but I’ve never quite got the knack of), I started my usual workday morning routine at my local Bally Total Fitness. And, sure enough, as soon as I get near the gym TV, there’s the news, dragging me right back to 5:15 am Monday morning reality.
The 5 am scoop in Detroit was the rumor GM is considering dumping more brands, one way or another, and firing more mid-management white-collar employees. (No, UAW, you do not have the corner on losing jobs. I swear.) Of course, by time I was in the office and caught up with e-mail, GM has flatly denied that any brand, other than Hummer, is up for review. We’ll only know the truth of that if GM manages to hold onto [...]

With high scores in ride, power and acceleration, the Buick LaCrosse wins the 2008 Ideal Vehicle Award in the Luxury Mid-Size Car segment. Refined chassis tuning and its Stabilitrac system helped the LaCrosse came out on top.
Owners’ preference for Chevrolet Malibu’s exterior styling, exterior size and passenger room helped the car bring home a 2008 IVA award in the Premium Mid-Size Car category. High marks for the level of technology, seat firmness, and interior lighting augment the victory.

AutoPacific's annual Ideal Vehicle Awards have been announced for 2008. Along with Porsche winning for best premium brand, Ford took home the honors for best mainstream brand/

X3 VSA.jpg
In the 2008 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards’ crowded Luxury Crossover SUV Segment, the BMW X3 bested tough competition to rise to the top. With a well-established Reputation, good Handling, and highly rated Safety Features, the X3 impressed owners, who also rated Overall Quality very high, along with All Weather Traction and Feeling of Safety While Driving.
Acura’s RDX was in the top rank of Luxury Crossover SUVs in the 2008 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. Owners gave high marks to its Innovative Technology and Audio System. Driver’s Seat Visibility also scored very high, as did Handling. With a 240-horsepower, turbocharged engine, the RDX also scored very well in the Power and Acceleration department.
Enclave VSA.jpg
Buick Enclave owners placed the vehicle in the top rank of the Luxury Crossover SUV Segment [...]

AutoPacific's annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards have been announced. These awards are chosen directly by vehicle owners, with no input from the researchers.
I just returned from a driving event for the recently introduced Buick Enclave in St. Louis, Missouri. When I got into the office there was a Saturn Outlook in the parking lot for the AutoPacific and VehicleVoice staff to evaluate. Great opportunity for a back to back comparison of two Lambda crossovers.
The Saturn Outlook is a large Crossover SUV based on the General Motors' Lambda platform. The Lambda platform is shared with the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia and also with an upcoming Chevrolet large Crossover.
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