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For the past thirteen years, Sport Utility Vehicles have been the product segment that is most considered by American driving public. 2006 was no exception.
Ford gets modern with new voice activated interface for cell phones and iPods. Ford and Microsoft team up to offer Sync system on 12 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models exclusive through 2008.
The convertible concept is beautifully executed. Modern, but hanging on to enough cues to remind me of carpooling to high school in the late 70s.
Ford's 2008 Focus brings uses new technology to improve interior climate, but the new nose is just plain ugly.
Ford has given us a glimpse of the cadence of future features that American car buyers can expect to see from the Company in the coming years. In Ford's case, they conducted the research and have been closely evaluating what their competition is doing. Derrick Kuzak, Ford's new head of worldwide product development, states that, "Ford will offer a new feature when it appears that two of our major competitors have offered or appear to be ready to offer a new feature."
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