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On July 24, 2009 new car dealers in the United States began accepting trade-ins of older vehicles not worth much for new cars. Based on their fuel economy and the fuel economy of the new vehicle purchased, customers received a voucher for $3,500 or $4,500 to apply to the purchase of a new car or light truck.
The 2009 Motorist Choice Award winners have been announced. Congratulations to all! Nine manufacturers earned segment wins, led by Toyota with nine awards (including three for Lexus), followed by General Motors with six (Chevrolet 4, Cadillac 2), Honda with three, and Chrysler with two (Dodge 1, Jeep 1). Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen took top honors in one segment each.
Newly released research shows fifteen percent of new car buyers in the United States say they would consider purchasing their next vehicle from China, and eleven percent would consider buying a car from India, without knowing specific brands or vehicles.
The Detroit Big Three soon will consist of the New General Motors, New Chrysler and Old Ford, or better... the New Old Ford. Ford has benefited from a major restructuring begun with the arrival of Alan Mulally in 2006.
GM may also be a winner, because if Chrysler can prove that filing bankruptcy doesn't automatically mean a collapse of any remaining sales prospects, the General may determine a similar BK filing could further reduce its debt load, while enabling it to develop a new array of products.
The real opportunity, however, is for short-term leases. Getting a car or truck that is still in warranty for zero down and $200 to $500 per month can be a useful solution for many people unwilling to commit to a longer term purchase or lease.
A just-completed AutoPacific online survey showed that buyers are disappointed by automakers taking bailout funds and that Ford tops their choice options in U.S. vehicles, in part due to its ability to avoid an Uncle Sam handout.

AutoPacific Research Indicates Balance of Year May Continue to be Difficult for Car Companies
TUSTIN, Calif. (April 3, 2009) — A national Internet survey conducted between March 31 and April 1 reveals that the American public is extremely aware of the current challenges facing the American automobile industry and the Obama administration’s actions to confront them. Only three percent in the survey said they were not aware of the billions of dollars in government loan guarantees made to General Motors and Chrysler, 94 percent knew that both companies had been required to submit viability plans in hopes of receiving additional government aid, and 89 percent were aware that the White House had declared neither plan represented “a credible path to viability.” The survey findings were the result of over 700 responses.

President Barack Obama delivered an address to the nation this morning at 11AM where he summarized the results of review of General Motors and Chrysler by The Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. The conclusion of the report was that neither of the plans presented to the Task Force by GM and Chrysler are viable.
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