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Using data from AutoPacific's national Vehicle Satisfaction research and the IntelliChoice Best Overall Value information, AutoPacific and IntelliChoice have developed the Motorist Choice Award - a unique tool that can be used by consumers to help them sort through the myriad of choices in today's automotive marketplace.

Scion tC.png
AutoPacific Take on Scion tC Win – Scion may have blurred the lines between production and custom vehicles but Scion owners have made sure the line their tC crosses is indelible. With the highest overall satisfaction in its class the Scion tC takes home this year’s Motorist Choice Award® for the Sporty Car category. Owners strong ratings for its exterior size, interior styling, interior storage and instrument layout help the tC achieve its leading performance. Owners submitted high marks for Scion’s reputation and tC’s reputation while their ratings for feeling safe while driving, overall seating capacity, and marks for being reliable/dependable bolstered its score.
IntelliChoice take on Scion tC win – The Scion tC is not only a fun car to drive, but with best in class retained value and low fuel, repair, and maintenance costs it is a great value.

AutoPacific Take on Lexus SC Win – For the second consecutive year the Lexus SC wins the Premium Sports Car class, bringing home yet another Motorist Choice Award®. Owners still rate the interior and exterior styling as strongly satisfying. Its comfortable exterior size, easy ingress/egress and driver’s seat comfort make it easy for owners to put the SC430 on top. Owners rate the brand’s reputation, vehicle’s reputation and overall quality as best in class. With a smooth retractable hardtop, great audio system, and superior overall quality, SC owners have chosen the Lexus SC as the benchmark.
IntelliChoice take on Lexus SC win – The Lexus SC performs well in this class by having best in class maintenance costs and repair costs along with low insurance costs.

Lexus LS.png
AutoPacific Take on Lexus LS Win – Owners didn’t exactly surprise us when they earmarked the Lexus flagship as a winner in the Premium Luxury Car category. Leading the class in the 2007 Motorist Choice Awards® owner’s rate the vehicle’s reputation and the quality of the Lexus dealership experience as significant contributors to its win. In addition, the LS owners rated the interior materials as top-notch, with a quiet interior and innovative technology. Owners also reported feeling very safe while driving and applauded the overall quality of their vehicle.
IntelliChoice take on Lexus LS win – In a class where retained value is king, the Lexus LS beats out the competition. The LS also performs well in fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

AutoPacific Take on Toyota 4Runner Win – Still a truck-based SUV this 4th generation 4Runner’s strong image and vehicle reputation are reinforced by solid attributes like reliability/durability, overall quality and owner’s feeling safe while driving. Owner ratings for both exterior and interior styling helped reinforce the Motorist Choice Award® win in the Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility class. With strong ratings for braking, handling, and traction in all weather conditions contributing greatly to owner’s endorsement. The 4Runners high marks for exterior size with a flexible interior and great ride left us wondering what’s not to like?
IntelliChoice take on Toyota 4Runner win – The Toyota 4Runner has best in class retained value, and above average fuel costs.

FJ Cruiser.png
AutoPacific Take on Toyota FJ Cruiser Win – A strong image from yesteryear and overall vehicle satisfaction help cement the FJ Cruiser as a 2007 Motorist Choice Award® winner in the Compact Sport Utility/ORV class. Although it may be classified as a Compact Sport Ute owners felt safe while driving and gave high marks for cargo capacity. They applaud both interior and exterior styling while giving strong rating for vehicle reputation and brand reputation. The driving aspects of the FJ were just as strong; including vehicle ride, braking, power and acceleration contributing to the overall win. Owners also rated the interior fabrics/materials, interior storage/compartments, interior controls and overall quality being top notch.
IntelliChoice take on Toyota FJ Cruiser win – The Toyota FJ Cruiser has a class leading retained value and low repair costs.

AutoPacific Take on Toyota Tacoma Win – In a segment where owners are expecting more and more from their so-called ‘compact’ pickups, the Toyota Tacoma delivers. Receiving top honors from owners, it wins a 2007 Motorist Choice Award® in the Compact Pickup class. The Tacoma’s image and fuel economy help secure a class win as owners also rate the instrument layout and interior controls as contributing to the Tacoma being best in class.
IntelliChoice take on Toyota Tacoma win – The Toyota Tacoma is an IntelliChoice 2007 BOVY winner. The Tacoma has class leading retained value, beating out the next closes competitor by several percentage points.

Lexus IS.png
AutoPacific Take on Lexus IS Win – In an extremely competitive class where enthusiast buyers dominate, it’s tough to be king of the hill. The all-new 2007 Lexus IS sport sedan decisively wins the Motorist Choice Award® for Aspirational Luxury Cars. Owners rate the Lexus brand reputation and the overall quality as significant contributors to its win. Lexus IS owners also find its anti-theft features and reliable/dependable reputation very appealing.
IntelliChoice take on Lexus IS win – The Lexus IS is an IntelliChoice 2007 BOVY winner. The IS has a retained value and repair costs near the top of the segment.

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