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We had the opportunity to drive the all new Toyota Venza in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania at the height of the fall color change. The venue - the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA was an outstanding venue surrounded by fun to drive roads allowing a quick stop at Fallingwater a 1930s era home designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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AutoPacific: With high marks for reliability, dependability and overall quality, the Toyota 4Runner takes home the 2008 Motorist Choice Award® in the premium mid-size SUV category. Owners also rated the 4Runner tops in both vehicle and brand reputation.
IntelliChoice: The 4Runner has best-in-class overall ownership costs along with the best retained value and fuel costs.

Premium Mid Size Crossover SUV MCA08.jpg
AutoPacific: Scoring the highest in overall quality, the Toyota Highlander takes home a 2008 Motorist Choice Award® in the premium mid-size crossover SUV segment. Owners gave Highlander the highest marks for both vehicle and brand reputation. With additional top scores in reliability and, yes, even cup holders, it was clear that the Toyota Highlander was a winner.
IntelliChoice: The Highlander is a strong performer in every area of ownership costs. It has excellent retained value, fuel costs and insurance costs.

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AutoPacific: The Toyota RAV4 didn’t just collect top marks for exterior size and cargo capacity — it also received the segment’s highest marks for overall satisfaction. These scores contributed to its Motorist Choice Award® win in the mainstream mid-size crossover SUV segment. RAV4 also received ratings that beat out the competition for traction in all weather conditions, reliability, handling, braking and driver’s-seat visibility. Owners also gave the RAV4 the category’s highest ratings in power and acceleration.
IntelliChoice: The RAV4 is a solid performer in both ownership costs and the AutoPacific survey. The RAV4 has the best-in-class retained value, but it does not perform as well in other areas of ownership costs.

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AutoPacific: In typical Toyota-owner fashion, Sequoia owners gave the vehicle high rankings for brand and vehicle reputation. Those rankings, along with high marks for seat comfort, interior storage and interior build materials, helped blow the competition away and secure a 2008 Motorist Choice Award® for the Toyota Sequoia. Guaranteeing the win were high scores for power, braking, handling and “fun to drive” attributes.
IntelliChoice: The Sequoia was among the best in overall ownership costs and has a best-in-class retained value and much better than expected insurance costs.

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AutoPacific: In a segment that’s growing in popularity, the Corolla takes home the 2008 Motorist Choice Award®. The Corolla pulled past 18 competitors with high marks for both brand and vehicle reputation. Owner’s touted the car’s overall quality; Corolla had the highest ratings in its segment for interior quietness, easy-to-handle controls and driver’s seat visibility.
IntelliChoice: The Corolla has a class-leading retained value and is second in both overall ownership costs and fuel costs.

Toyota announced today that in light of greatly diminished sales of the full-size Tundra pickup and Sequoia SUV, the company will start selling them on the international market. As with just about every other full-size pickup and SUV, these big Toyotas have suffered greatly at the hands of $4 per gallon gasoline. The situation is particularly troubling because most Tundras are built in a brand-new (and extremely expensive) purpose-built factory in San Antonio, Texas – smack in the middle of truck country.
The 2009 Toyota Tundra: Right at Home in Uzbekhistan!
It’s a rare stumble for the usually unimpeachable Toyota; the company had invested untold dollars in developing and manufacturing a true full-size pickup contender that could go toe-to-toe with the best of the Big 3 pickups, only to have the market for such vehicles tank in a matter of months. As the Tundra hadn’t built [...]

One town looks to stretch the definition of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, and bring a little future into this annual nostalgia drip.
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