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This is almost becoming repetitive. How many times have we reviewed a new small entry level car and declared it filled to the brim with style, features, performance, and personality?

In car design, the redesign of an icon is always a challenge. The 2012 beetle, in showrooms this October, will be a test of just how far styling changes and overall sophistication can take a vehicle that’s original appeal was its retro character.

In November of 2010, General Motors delivered on a promise they made to start producing the Chevrolet Volt.  Just after production started I had the opportunity to spend a day with a Volt.  While it was a very interesting car to drive for a day, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to drive a vehicle that had the ability to be plugged in, so Chevrolet let me drive one for a week earlier this year.

The new V-Platform Nissan Versa is poised to be launched for the 2012 model year as the lowest price new car available in the USA. You wonder if a new car priced so low is a bad car? The answer is a resounding no.

First we had the Sonata and now we have the Elantra.  The Sonata was the direct hit to the gut but the Elantra is the uppercut that no one saw coming.  Gunning for the respect of Hyundai naysayers, the Elantra delivers the quality, fuel economy, and price tag that will change minds and make believers.

While other automakers have raised the price of their new c-segment vehicles to make them in America with a profit, Hyundai has changed the game again.  Hyundai seems to be bucking the trend these days of lofty price tags.  The Elantra is a stylish value package assembled in the good ol’ U.S. of A. that needs to be at the top of your test drive list.

AutoPacific estimates that over 1.3 million new vehicle sales are positively influenced in a ten million year.
2010 Toyota 4Runner Shares AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Premium Mid-Size SUV. The 4Runner is an SUV icon, and the way the freshly 2010 model satisfies its owners demonstrates why.
Though today's drivers continue migrating towards Crossover SUVs, Pathfinder still remains a very satisfying choice for those who need rugged capability.
AutoPacific announces 2009 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. 25,000 consumers tell us how satisfied they are with their cars, and in the tough environment of 2009, winners had to go the extra mile.
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