Q. Do you want Apple CarPlay/Android Auto?

If Yes, which of your phone apps do you want to have access to?

Calendar reminder – Mirrors smartphone calendar app onto the vehicle’s information/entertainment touchscreen and receive reminders displayed on screen or read by voice control.

Local search – Mirrors smartphone local search app to provide restaurant, gas station, shopping and other point-of-interest information based on current location and displayed on the vehicle’s information/entertainment touchscreen.

Movie times – Mirrors smartphone movie times app to display current movie times for local theaters on vehicle’s information/entertainment touchscreen.

Navigation – Mirrors smartphone navigation app to provide present location and turn-by-turn directions.

Pandora, or other Internet radio – Mirrors smartphone streaming app to provide music, news, sports and other entertainment content streamed through an Internet-based media service controlled and played through the vehicle’s information/entertainment system.

Parking space locator – Mirrors smartphone parking space locator app to locate available parking spaces.

Speech-to-text/Text-to-speech – Accesses smartphone function to allow driver to safely send and receive emails and other messages by speaking directly into and hearing incoming emails and other messages through the vehicle’s information/entertainment system.

Text messaging/instant messaging – Allows use of smartphone’s text or instant messaging services exclusively through voice control.

Vehicle diagnostics – Mirrors smartphone apps that provide vehicle maintenance information, such as tire and oil pressure, displayed on the vehicle’s information/entertainment touchscreen.

Q. What would you like to activate using your smart phone?

Interior temp (pre-heat/cool) – Smartphone app communicates with the vehicle to pre-condition the interior temperature – hot or cold.

Remote engine start – Smartphone app has ability to start the vehicle from inside your home or office to pre-cool or pre-heat the interior.

Remote lock/unlock – Using a smartphone doors can be locked or unlocked.

Seat position – Using a smartphone, select a desired seating position remotely.

Windows up/down – Smartphone app enables windows to be opened or closed remotely.

Q. Different vehicles have different features as standard or optional. Check all the features you want on your next vehicle regardless if standard or optional. Prices are shown just to help you decide if each feature is worth it.

2nd row fold-down armrest w/ cupholder & storage – An armrest that integrates a cupholder (usually two) and a lid that can be opened with storage underneath. The entire armrest can be folded up, usually into the seatback of a bench seat, which makes room for a third passenger in the 2nd row.

Active blind spot detection system – Monitors the blind spot on both sides of the vehicle and provides an indication when a vehicle is entering a blind spot. If a vehicle is present in the blind spot, the driver is alerted by sound or visual indicator.

Active lane departure/lane keep assist – An active safety feature that utilizes sensors to warn drivers when the vehicle is drifting out of its lane. When the turn signal in that direction is activated, these features are overridden. This system can also alter the vehicle’s course to keep it in its lane.

Adaptive (active cornering/high beam) headlights – An active headlight system uses steering angle sensors to pivot headlamps to help illuminate the area around corners. Also, front lights change beam patterns to handle situations like rain, city driving and highway driving.

Adaptive/intelligent cruise control – Driver selects a desired cruising speed and distance from vehicle in front. System automatically adjusts the speed of the vehicle to the speed of highway traffic. When traffic slows, system adjusts the speed of the vehicle to maintain the desired distance from the vehicle in front.

Adjustable window tint – Transparency of the rear windows (darker or lighter) is at the driver’s control.

Auto door closure – When you close a door, a sensor detects when the door is only partially closed and an electric motor pulls the door firmly shut.

Auto-pilot highway cruising – System uses a variety of sensors to automatically drive the vehicle with no driver input at highway speeds. The vehicle cruises with traffic, staying in its own lane and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.

Auto-pilot traffic jam assist – System uses a variety of sensors to automatically drive the vehicle with no driver input in stop and go traffic at speeds up to 40 mph. The vehicle can fully stop and go on its own, staying in its own lane and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.

Automatic (auto-pilot) parking system – System senses the dimensions of a parking space from the driving lane and parallel parks the vehicle with minimal driver input.

Automatic power-folding outside mirrors – Mirrors that fold automatically, either via a control button/knob inside the vehicle, on the key fob, or automatically when the vehicle is locked.

Backup collision intervention/auto stop – Radars are installed on the rear sides of the vehicle making it safer to back out of a parking spot. When an approaching vehicle is detected, the system will alert the driver while braking the vehicle to prevent moving further rearward and colliding with the approaching vehicle.

Biometrics (fingerprints for security system) – Biometrics, such as fingerprints, are used for authentication purposes like a key to unlock or start the car.

Bluetooth streaming audio – The vehicle’s audio system can play audio content from the driver’s smartphone, MP3 player or tablet via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Cabin fragrance atomizers – This system pumps fragrances through the ventilation system; the fragrance is usually housed in a replaceable vial stored in the glove compartment.

Capless fueling system – The gas tank filler has no twist-on cap, rather a sealed filler hole that can’t be opened without a fuel pump nozzle or the manufacturer’s emergency fuel fill adapter (if needed to pour gas in from a gas can). With no cap to twist on or off, it reduces the risk of losing the cap, or having the check engine light come on if not twisted on properly.

Collision warning system with automatic braking – Warns the driver if a vehicle in front – given the speed of both vehicles – gets too close. If the vehicle detects circumstances requiring emergency braking it automatically applies maximum brake boost.

Deployable pickup tailgate step – A retractable step that is integrated into the tailgate of a pickup. It can be deployed when the tailgate is folded down, allowing easy access to climb into the cargo bed.

Display to help maximize fuel economy – Display coaches the driver to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. It may show instant fuel economy, fuel economy history, odometer, engine coolant temperature, what gear the vehicle is in and trip data (trip fuel economy, time-elapsed fuel economy and miles to empty). The real-time system feedback allows drivers to assess or modify their driving habits to achieve maximum fuel economy. A display appears on shutting down the vehicle to review important information from the latest trip, including fuel economy performance and comparative data from previous days.

Driver selected dynamic vehicle settings – Driver can control the way a vehicle responds to throttle, braking and steering inputs. This system also can adjust ride quality from soft and comfortable to firm and sporty for maximum handling.

Drowsy driver detection – When the system senses the driver is inattentive, according to the degree of inattentiveness of the driver; drowsy drivers may be nudged awake automatically by vibrating their seat or steering wheel, increasing radio volume or an alarm.

Dual sun visors with extenders – Two sun visors, where the first one folds down, and can then be moved to the side window, and another visor that folds down behind the first that will cover the windshield. Essentially having a visor to the side, and in front of you.

Dual view front navigation/video screen – A center monitor that allows simultaneous navigation system data to be displayed to the driver while DVD video is displayed to the passenger. This allows two different programs to be viewed at the same time.

Easy to clean seat and floor materials – Seat and floor materials that have integrated moisture wicking and stain resistant properties.

Electronic noise cancellation system – System reduces interior noise by matching sound waves with a reverse wave to cancel out the sound.

Electronically enhanced interior engine sound – The engine’s exhaust note is amplified in the interior using a synthesized reproduction of the exhaust note played through the audio system’s speakers.

Engine start/stop function – Automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is at a standstill, then restarts the engine as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal. This feature can improve fuel economy by 10% to 15%.

Fold-flat front passenger seat – Front passenger seat back folds forward to yield a flat load surface. Good for loading long items in the vehicle or for use as an in-vehicle work surface.

Full auto-pilot driving – System uses a variety of sensors to automatically drive the vehicle with no driver input from one destination to another. The vehicle can fully stop and go on its own in city traffic and cruise at highway speeds, staying in its own lane, heeding traffic signs and speed limits, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. The driver only needs to input a destination into the navigation system, and the vehicle will drive itself there.

Hands-free open/close liftgate/trunk – Once in proximity of the vehicle with the key fob, liftgate/trunk may be opened hands-free by sweeping your foot under the rear bumper.

Head-up display – Critical information – such as speed, navigation instructions and warning lights – is projected onto the inside of the windshield.

Heated front seats – Heating element that warms the front seats.

Heated rear seats – Heating element that warms the rear seats.

Heated steering wheel – Heating element that warms the steering wheel.

Heated windshield (auto fog prevention) – Heated windshields electronically heat the entire windshield surface. This feature is helpful in clearing fog or heating the windshield enough to scrape away excess snow and ice.
Heated windshield washer fluid – Windshield washer fluid container has a heating element to facilitate defrosting (de-icing) the fluid.

Heated/cooled cupholders – Cupholders that keep your hot drinks warm and your cold drinks cool.

Hidden storage for computer/purse – Areas built into the inside of the vehicle that are lockable for a purse or a computer.

Household (110v) outlet – A three-prong household style power outlet. The feature provides electric power using standard power cords while the vehicle is running.

Inflatable seatbelts to reduce injury – Upon collision, seatbelts inflate to reduce occupant injury.

Integrated vacuum cleaner – A vacuum cleaner that is built into the vehicle. It runs either on auxiliary power for a limited time, or for an unlimited time with the engine running.

Interior ambient lighting with selectable colors – Ability to change the interior lighting color. Interior lighting can include foot wells, instrumentation, heating, air conditioning, radio controls and trim panels.

Lane watch camera – A camera mounted on the passenger door mirror that views the blind spot. When the turn signal is activated the camera displays an image of the blind spot on the center display.

Leather seats – Seat surface material is made of leather.

LED front exterior accent lights – LED (light emitting diodes) lights provide bright styling accents to the front exterior of the vehicle.

LED headlights – LED (light emitting diodes) lights produce more, brighter light and less heat than conventional lights (long lifetime, compact). They have instant switch-on and require lower power. LEDs also offer unique styling possibilities to give a vehicle a high tech look and to distinguish them from competitors.

LED taillights – LED (light emitting diodes) lights produce more, brighter light and less heat than conventional lights (long lifetime, compact). They have instant switch on and require lower power. LEDs also offer unique styling possibilities to give a vehicle a high tech look and to distinguish them from competitors. Importantly, the instant-on characteristics provide drivers in following vehicles more reaction time to stop.

Massaging seats – Seats feature a massage function, typically on the seatback focusing on the lower back, upper back and the length of the spine. In some cases there is a massaging bottom seat cushion as well for the buttocks.

Memory driver’s seat position – Ability to set preferred seating, steering wheel and mirror position for comfort and convenience for multiple drivers.

Memory front passenger’s seat position – Ability to set preferred seating position for comfort and convenience for multiple passengers.

Mid-gate for pickup – A retractable gate, much like a tailgate, but positioned between a pickup’s cargo bed and cabin. When the gate and rear seats are folded down, the cargo bed space is increased into the cabin.

Navigation map in instrument cluster – GPS-based system provides present location and turn-by-turn directions to a destination programmed into the system. Many navigation systems also include several route options and identify points of interest along the way. This system is displayed in front of the driver in the driver’s instrument cluster, which usually shows speedometer, tachometer and navigation simultaneously.

Navigation system built in – GPS-based system provides present location and turn-by-turn directions to a destination programmed into the system. Many navigation systems also include several route options and identify points of interest along the way. This system is displayed on the vehicle’s main information/entertainment screen, usually positioned between the driver and passenger.

Night vision system – System allows drivers to see what (or who) is down the road — even on the darkest nights. The night vision system can be turned on or off by the driver and is not affected by oncoming bright lights.

Outside mirror puddle lights – Lights mounted on the bottom of exterior mirrors that illuminate the ground below while entering or exiting the vehicle.

Parking sensors, front and rear – Forward and reverse parking warnings alert you with an audible chime that becomes more persistent as you get closer to an object. Some systems also show physical proximity on the center screen.

Pedestrian warning system with automatic braking – Uses sensors and cameras to detect pedestrians in the vehicle’s path, and warns the driver of potential collisions. If a collision with a pedestrian is imminent, the vehicle can automatically brake to avoid or minimize the impact.

Power 3rd row fold-flat seat – 3rd-row seat folds at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to push or pull levers to fold the seat out of the way.

Power driver’s seat – Driver’s seat can be adjusted by using power switches to control the position of the seat. Most power driver’s seats control fore and aft adjustments, raising, lowering, tilting the seat cushion and reclining the seat back. Some also include a power lumbar support.

Power front passenger seat – Passenger’s seat can be adjusted by using electrical switches to control the position of the seat. Most power seats control fore and aft adjustments, raising, lowering, tilting the seat cushion and reclining the seat back. Some also include a power lumbar support.

Power fully adjustable 2nd row seats – 2nd row seat can be adjusted by using power switches to control the position of the seat. Most 2nd row seats control fore and aft adjustments, raising, lowering, tilting the seat cushion and reclining the seat back. Some also include a power lumbar support.

Power fully adjustable 3rd row seats – 3rd row seat can be adjusted by using power switches to control the position of the seat. Most 3rd row seats control fore and aft adjustments, raising, lowering, tilting the seat cushion and reclining the seat back. Some also include a power lumbar support.

Power lumbar seat adjustment – Control allows occupants to adjust the seatback’s internal components for better back support.

Power up/down back (not side) window – Allows the back window of a Pickup to open/close electrically through a switch inside the vehicle (as with side window power open/close).

Power-adjustable headrests – Electric powered headrests that are adjustable up and down.

Power-folding 2nd row seat – 2nd-row seats fold at the touch of a button to eliminate pushing or pulling levers to fold down the seats.

Programmable key (limits speed and audio volume) – Using a computer chip in the key, the vehicle can be programmed to limit top speed and to limit the audio system’s volume, and to sound continuous alerts if the driver does not wear a seat belt. This system can be useful for families with teenagers or for those who frequently valet park their vehicles.

Push-button ignition – Once the key fob is inside the vehicle (in a pocket, purse, etc.) you can press an engine start button to start the car, without the key fob leaving your pocket or purse.

Rain-sensing windshield wipers – Sensor detects the amount of moisture hitting the windshield and turns on the windshield wipers automatically for optimum performance and visibility.

Rear air-conditioning system – Second air conditioning system to cool the rear of a large vehicle like a minivan or SUV. Rear occupants usually have the ability to control air temperature in the rear of the vehicle.

Rear cross-traffic alert system (requires blind spot info sys) – Mechanism designed to warn a driver when cross-traffic is approaching the vehicle when backing out of driveways or parking spaces.

Reconfigurable/programmable instrument cluster – Ability to modify the looks and placement of gauges on instrument panel.

Refrigerated storage – Refrigerated storage compartment inside the vehicle where items can be cooled.

Remote garage door opener (e.g. Homelink) – Buttons in the vehicle can be set to operate features in your home, such as opening the garage door or a gate or to turn on lights in your home.

Reverse-tilting outside mirrors – Selectively tilts side mirrors when reversing.

Rubber floor covering (no carpet) – The interior uses a formed rubber mat in place of carpeting. Usually in vehicles designed for outdoor use, allowing for easy cleanup of mud or water.

Satellite radio – Music, news or traffic stations are streamed via satellite to the vehicle’s audio system through a receiver placed on or in the vehicle. This service is provided by SiriusXM radio.

Side mirror turn signals – Turn signals integrated either on the mirror itself, or on the mirror housing that indicate when a turn signal is activated.

Split-fold down rear seats – Rear seats that may be folded down in two sections, thus combining some extra luggage space with the possibility of a passenger sitting in the back of the car.

Surround (bird’s eye) view camera – Cameras provide a bird’s eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle to help determine parking clearances.

Tire fill complete alert – Displays which tire is low on the instrument cluster. When the driver fills the tire, the system acknowledges that air is filling by lighting the car’s four-way flashers. The horn beeps when tire pressure reaches its optimum level.

Touch screen controls instead of traditional buttons – Navigate by touching the monitor’s screen instead of a toggle or individual buttons.

Traffic sign recognition – Traffic signs that are highly important are shown to the driver. There is a different degree of notice given the driver (visual, audible, flashing, etc.) in line with the danger of the situation.

Tray table in 2nd row – Tray table folds down to use in 2nd row seats, similar to airplane tray tables.

USB ports – USB ports are used to sync media from a flashdrive, mobile device (smartphone or mp3 player) or tablet to the vehicle’s audio system, while simultaneously charging the mobile device or tablet. It can also be used independently to simply charge a USB supported device.

Ventilated/cooled front seats – Cooling and ventilating elements are built into the seat cushion and backrest to keep the seat cool even in the hottest conditions.

Ventilated/cooled rear seats – This feature is built into the rear seats and utilizes fans to direct air through the seat onto the occupant for increased comfort and aiding the occupants’ cooling process.

Voice-activated controls (phone, audio, climate, navigation) – Computer-based system that recognizes a command spoken by the user; enables a driver to use a cellular phone, navigation system and other features without using their hands.

WiFi connection / 4G LTE HotSpot – Receive internet-based services such as telephone (VOIP), text messages, email or simply browse the Internet while in your vehicle.

Wireless charging pad for portable electronic devices – Wireless charging pad uses electromagnetic induction to recharge portable electronic devices in the vehicle (cell phone, iPod, etc.). This eliminates the need for a cord to charge the device in the vehicle.

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