2007 Toyota Tundra:

VehicleVoice#62 – The 2007 Toyota Tundra and the Future of Minivans


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Most of you already know that Jim Hossack is AutoPacific’s expert on a lot of things – fuel prices, powertrains, trucks. But did you know that he’s also an expert in minivans? For the past several years, when we’re covering the big auto shows, Jim’s assignments have always been about the new truck models and minivan breakthroughs. But recently, there hasn’t been a lot of news surrounding minivans. Ford and GM have been clear that they think the segment is dying, and their exit strategy is uncomplicated. They’re just getting out. But Jim was in the Chrysler booth to check out the new 2007 Town & Country, aka Dodge Caravan, and he says, “not so fast” Ford and GM. There’s still a healthy segment here.
In this podcast, we’ve got Jim doing double duty at the Toyota booth. The Japanese manufacturer is taking it’s (first, second, third) fourth carefully planned step into the full-sized truck market with the new 2007 Tundra. And according to Jim, Toyota’s latest try is right on the money.
New Vehicle Reviews –
Dodge Caravan
Toyota Tundra

Show Runtime – 6:02

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LA Auto Show – 2007 Toyota Tundra


The 2007 Toyota Tundra is already in production but won’t be on sale until February 2008. Still a 2007 model year full-size pickup truck, Tundra’s intro is awaiting availability of its 5.7L V8 engine. While we brought you the reveal in February 2006 at the Chicago Auto Show (click here), Toyota later showed the truck at the Texas state fair and again used much of its exhibit space at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show II to showcase the truck in advance of public sale.
A photo collage without many comments seems appropriate…

Toyota Tundra “Street Concept” – Regular Cab Design Study

Toyota Tundra 07 Red FV.jpg

Toyota Tundra 07 Red F34.jpg

Toyota Tundra 07 Red SV.jpg

Toyota Tundra 07 Red R34.jpg

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