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AutoPacific’s 2013 Ideal Vehicle Awards Are In – Trucks


Background of AutoPacific’s IVAs:  AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Awards for 2o13 are given to brands and vehicles that best meet the expectations of their buyers.  The person driving the truck does not want it to be bigger or more powerful or have better info/entertainment systems.  Based on the results of over 52,000 respondents, the IVAs are owner-based awards that can serve to give truck buyers an idea of how well manufacturers have designed vehicles with their customers in mind.

As you read through the brief descriptions of the winners’ results you will notice some similarities where owners of most vehicles want change. Visibility  Among all trucks about 22% of owners want better driver’s seat visibility.  Roominess  About 19% of truck owners want more passenger roominess than now.  Power vs Fuel Economy  Even when talking about today’s high gas prices, truck owners want good power and acceleration.  About 21% want more power and acceleration and only 9% of the respondents would sacrifice power and acceleration for better fuel economy.  Ingress/Egress  About 19% of all truck owners want their vehicles to be easier to get in and out of.  Info/Entertainment Technology  Design of the info/entertainment technology is one of the most hotly contested areas of vehicle design today.  Some manufacturers have a good handle on this, but 22% of truck owners want more info/entertainment technology than they have now.  These folks are offset by 14% who want their info/entertainment technology to be easier to use.

With that preamble in mind, here are the Ideal Vehicle Award winners for trucks  for 2013…

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