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On Tuesday September 12, the Cougar Ace finally made it to the Port of Portland (Oregon) after having rolled 60-degrees in the Pacific on July 23 while shifting ballast. Operator error, you see.

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The Cougar Ace, owned by Japan’s Mitsui OSK and flying the Singapore flag, is a gargantuan car carrier. On its fateful voyage, it was carrying about 4,800 cars. Most of these cars were Mazda3s and Mazda CX-7s. There were a few RX-8 and MX-5 Miatas on board as well. The Mazda3 is Mazda’s hottest model at the moment and the newly-introduced CX-7 SUV is just beginning to catch on.
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While the ship did not sink, and the vehicles were lashed to the deck, the 60-degree list made a shake-and-bake bag out of the fourteen decks on which the cars were strapped.
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Mazda says that the cars will be evaluated for damage. Our guess is that the condition of vehicles in transit will range from totalled to being saleable units. The cars won’t be sold as new, but will be repaired if possible and carry full new car warranties.
Warning from Your Friends at VehicleVoice
The caution here is, be sure where your new Mazda3 or CX-7 has come from and verify if it was on the Cougar Ace or not.

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