Honda Odyssey – Wins Motorist's Choice Minivan (Also a 2006 VSA and IVA winner)



AutoPacific’s Take on Odyssey’s Win: Honda Odyssey wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® and also was the Minivan class leader in the 2006 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award® and Ideal Vehicle Award®. Owners’ ratings of the reputation of the Odyssey and the Honda brand for reliability, dependability, and quality strongly contributed to its win. Odyssey owners also strongly rated seating and cargo capacity. After all, that is what a Minivan is all about.
IntelliChoice’s Spin: When the Honda Odyssey rose to the top of the minivan class in the Motorist’s Choice analysis, we at IntelliChoice were not very surprised. Afterall, the Odyssey has been a Best Overall Value of the Year winner the last three years, and shows no sign of losing that crown any time soon. An absolute standard-bearer for all other minivan’s to work towards, the Odyssey delights it’s owner everytime it is loaded up with supplies (and/or people!) as well as when it comes time to make that monthly payment. A true “Motorist’s Choice”!

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Scion xB – Wins Motorist's Choice Small Wagon



AutoPacific Take on win by Scion xB –
Scion xB owners’ satisfaction ratings for its size and package strongly contribute to its class-leading performance in the Motorist’s Choice Awards’® Small Wagon category. The xB “rolling box” design makes it very easy to get into and out of and easy for the driver to see out of. These are important factors to the xB owner. While xB is small on the outside, it is huge on the inside with its limousine-like rear seat getting rave reviews.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Scion xB is a true Motorist’s Choice ‘no-brainer’. We at IntelliChoice named the xB as a Best Overall Value of the Year winner in 2006 thanks to its amazing resale value and low expected maintenance and fuel costs. And when you factor in the low entry price, the xB shines. The amazing thing is that it came to the U.S. market to attract younger drivers, but it seems to be a bit hit across all ages. With a Cost of Ownership of just $23,500 vs. $27,000 for it competitors, can you blame them?

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Audi A6 4.2 Quattro – Wins Motorist's Choice Sports Sedan/Wagon



AutoPacific Take on Audi A6’s Win – Audi A6 owners’ strong ratings of the car’s feeling of safety and traction in all weather conditions helps the A6 achieve its leading performance in the Sports Sedan class. Clearly, Audi’s renowned Quattro all wheel drive system contributes to this feeling of confidence for the car. Another Audi hallmark, interior styling, trim and materials also strongly contribute to its position at the top of its class.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The A6’s standing in the inaugural Motorist’s Choice awards show just how well balanced the vehicles from Volkswagen’s premium division have become. Over 5 years, IntelliChoice rates the A6’s Cost of Ownership to be $45,969, over $5000 less than comparable vehicles in its class. Combine this great value with the A6’s great performance and you have a true winner.

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Infiniti QX56 – Wins Motorist's Choice Luxury Utility



AutoPacific take on the Win by Infiniti QX56 – The Infiniti QX56 is the overall winner of the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award®. It also handily won the award for the Luxury Utility Vehicle class. Unique styling, luxurious interior, and powerful V8 engine combine to give the QX56 its win. Comfortable, easy to live with and distinctive, QX56 is the top Motorist’s Choice.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Having the Infiniti QX56 sit on top of the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award table gives visibility into the exact reason that we felt such a survey could be helpul for people considering a new vehicle. Here we have a vehicle that delights it’s owners and delivers great 5 year Cost of Ownership as an extra reward. The 2WD model is projected to deliver a cost of just $56,117; over $2700 less than it’s competitive set.

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Subaru Legacy Wagon – Wins Motorist's Choice Midsize/Large Wagon



AutoPacific Take on Subaru Legacy Win –
Subaru Legacy owners’ satisfaction ratings with their new vehicle contribute to its win of the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Mid-Size/Large Wagon category. With standard all wheel drive, the Legacy Wagon gets high marks for a feeling of safety while driving and good traction in all weather conditions. Also contributing to the safety perception are strong owner ratings for braking and handling. However, driving dynamics are not the only contributors to the Legacy Wagon’s win. Product and brand reputation and durability, quality and reliability were important factors in its class-leading performance.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Legacy is a true flagship for the Subaru line-up. And the Subaru line-up is purchased and driven by some of the most loyal and passionate enthusiasts in the mid-size market. There must be a reason? Well, one look at the Legacy’s place in the Inaugural Motorist’s Choice award roster provides the explanation. It provides the rare combination of reliability, spirited and responsive driving, and excellent value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $31,000, the Legacy is assured of a great legacy.

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Chevrolet Avalanche 4×2 1500 – Wins Motorist's Choice Full-Size Pickup 4×2 1/2 Ton



AutoPacific Take on Avalanche Win – Owner ratings of styling and image help propel the tough-looking Chevrolet Avalanche to the top of its class. Its flexible cargo area combined with its innovative mid-gate design make it the Swiss Army Knife of full size pickups. Power and acceleration provided by big V8 engines are icing on the Avalanche cake.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Avalanche 1500’s Cost of Ownership over the course of 5 years was $42,431, $3300 less than comparable vehicles in its class. Factor in the amazing versatility and passionate owner base, and this is one huge Avalanche whose benefits snowball the competition.

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