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2008 Ford Kuga: 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show Introduction


Ford of Europe Set for a Stylish SUV Next Spring
Early buzz about this September’s Frankfurt auto show is bouncing along the airwaves and internet streams, including Ford of Europe’s announcement that they will introduce a new small SUV at the show. The production model follows the 2006 Paris auto show reveal of the iosis-X concept, and this illustration shows the Kuga takes clearly the iosis-X personality.



If the sketch is anything to go by, this will be another Ford of Europe product that American enthusiasts will complain that we don’t get, nevermind that they would refuse to pay the pricing these European products would require if they were brought over comparably equipped and built. The Kuga will go on sale in Europe in spring 2008, taking on Volkswagen’s Tiguan where ever both are sold.
The choice of Kuga name is interesting. An internet search of the word turns up results as a city in Japan, a Japanese Anime character Natsuki Kuga, and as a word for the plague. results show kuga as a Slovenian word for plague, while a 2004 Dover Publications translation and publication of Jacob Grimm’s 1844 Teutonic Mythology III included a chapter on various mythology surrounded the spread of sickness and plague that discusses the use of the word kuga for a woman in white veil who spread sickness. The word comes up as meaning the black plague at as well. To American eyes, Kuga looks like a lazy pronunciation of cougar, but its short snappy form also reminds us of the name of a European Ford coupe, the Puma. Ford, on their part, has yet to give any explanation of the inspiration for the new SUV’s name.
Ford has not yet released specifications on the Kuga, nor did they for the iosis X concept, but you can read here the first Kuga press release below and browse our photos of the iosis X. Kuga will take the basic forms of the iosis-X’s face, though it gets a more useful four-door setup, conventional side-view mirrors, a lowered stance, and looks like it adds vents at the rear of the front quarter panels, too.

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Notes From 2006 Paris Auto show


The 2006 Mondial de l’Automobile has arrived, and VehicleVoice correspondents and AutoPacific staff were on hand, gathering information to bring to you. Our first notes are here, but you can count on more to come over the coming weeks. One of the most important of the international auto shows, the Paris show happens every two years. While many of the products shown at Paris are not expected to cross the pond to the United States, it is fun and interesting to take a look at the automotive market in other regions.

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