2014 Acura MDX: The No Shame Crossover


Acura’s MDX has been the shining star in their lineup for years now.  Having invented the three-row crossover, Acura has polished that shining star in their lineup for the 2014 model year with an all-new model.

I know, it really doesn’t look all that new.  Trust me, it is.  I’ve seen it from the inside out.  Everything you can’t see is new and even the exterior (YES, it is!) is new.  The MDX is a formula not to be messed with and Acura knows this quite well.  So, they made an all-new MDX but modernized the exterior a bit and significantly improved the interior.  The MDX is one of the few crossovers that has enough cojones that men of all types need not fear that it looks like they are driving a glorified minivan.

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2010 Acura MDX: New Look, New Features


Acura‘s showroom has been substantially revised for the 2010MY. Along with a new coupe-SUV flagship in the ZDX, several other models take midcycle improvements. We recently brought you up to speed on TSX and RDX, but the MDX also takes a laundry list of updates this year.
Several of the updates to MDX are thanks to advancements developed with the ZDX, but no less appreciated. Sheetmetal changes were not extensive, most every aspect of the SUV saw improvement.
Thanks to the ZDX, there is a new six-speed automatic transmission. A short suburban Michigan drive revealed a refined powertrain and comfortable transmission setup. MDX’s engine still delivers 300HP from a 3.7L, Acura has heavily revised the powerplant. Among the beefed elements are a more rigid cylinder block, high-strength crankshaft, heavy-duty connecting rods, high compression ratio pistons, new intake valve springs, new EGR system, a larger throttle body, and revised cylinder heads.Acu_10_MDX_bl_2.jpg

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