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Mercury Milan Wins AutoPacific 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Mid-Size Cars


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The all-new Mercury Milan is a clear winner among Mid-Size competition in the AutoPacific 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. Combining excellent style, good size and roominess, sporty ride and handling, the Milan provides its owners with a very satisfying experience. Proving the excellence of the Ford CD vehicles – Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr – all did very well in their segments.

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Car & Driver – 10Best Cars 2006


Every year, Car & Driver, one of the high circulation car enthusiast magazines in the United States, publishes the results of its 10Best awards. The 2006 10Best Cars awards were released in the January 2006 issue of Car & Driver and you can find them on the C&D website at (
Not having looked at the winners prior to writing this blog, VehicleVoice ( staff conjectured about what types of cars Car & Driver would select.
We knew that, being a buff book, they’d select cars that appealed to the enthusiast, maybe throw one or two mundane winners into the mix, be heavy on import marques and generally favor smaller cars. Lets see how accurate we were?
BEST PERFORMANCE CAR – Chevrolet Corvette
BEST ROADSTER – Mazda MX-5 (Miata)
So, lets see, seven are import brands, 3 of the imports are from Germany and four are from Japan. Mazda picks up two wins with its sports cars.

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Ford Fusion Surprises?


Fusion Hot Out of the Blocks
Fusion is Ford’s new mid-size sedan and is a very respectable piece of work. It has distinctive styling, a good sized interior and a large trunk. This combination puts Fusion in the hunt to attract buyers of mid-size cars that have been unable to consider a Ford since the demise of the easily forgotten Ford Contour (and who can’t forget its predecessor – the Tempo). For the first time in years, Ford has a competitive mid-size entry worthy of consideration. The first full month of sales for the Ford Fusion was October, 2005. Fusion, right out of the blocks, looks like a surprise winner with slightly over 4,000 units sold.
In a departure from conventional mid-size car marketing, Ford says they are not going after buyers who would consider the high volume Japanese entries like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. Instead, they think they can have a pretty healthy business selling to Mustang owners who are moving into a mid-size sedan after their fling with the most popular sporty coupe on the planet.

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2006 Mercury Milan

Mercury is getting much needed new-product investment as part of Ford’s more new products, faster campaign and had several announcements at the 2005 Chicago auto show. As well as the Milan, Mercury announced it is bringing a hybrid to the Mariner for 2006, a year earlier than initially planned, and introduced a redesign of the Mountaineer. Though the platform supporting Milan is found under Lincoln Zephyr as well as Ford Fusion, the Milan shares more with the Fusion than the Zephyr.
Milan targets buyers in the 26-to-35 age bracket with a stylish, contemporary entry. Mercury family cues include satin aluminum accents inside and out as well as the signature waterfall grille. The interior can be had in black or two-tone, with either satin accents or wood. While as many as six airbags can be ordered on Milan, they are not standard. The standard equipment list does, however, include a power six-way drivers seat, remote keyless entry, and power heated sideview mirrors.
The architecure used for the Milan, Fusion, and Zephyr began as the Mazda6, but is wider and longer and is not the same platform per se. It uses different suspension components, geometry, and different stampings. Though derived from the Mazda 6, the Milan gains about two inches in wheelbase and width. This translates into exterior dimensions and interior room that will be vital for success in this segment.
This four-door, five-passenger unitbody sedan offers a fully independent suspension. The front is a short and long-arm arrangement, with a multi-link setup in the rear. Power is from the oft-used Ford 210HP Duratec 3.0L DOHC 24v V6, though the Mazda 160HP 2.3L DOHC 16v I4 serves as the base engine. A five-speed manual is the standard transmission, with a six-speed automatic mated to the V6 engine.

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer

For the 2006 model year, both Mercury Mountaineer and Ford Explorer get a major redesign. To help generate interest in Mercury and display a commitment to the brand, the Mountaineer was introduced at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show, ahead of the redesigned Explorer and alongside the all-new Milan. Mercury also took the opportunity in Chicago to announce that the hybrid version of the Mariner would come a year early, for 2006 instead of 2007.
The redesigned Mountaineer enters 2006MY with revised exterior styling, an all-new interior, and an updated platform. The new styling, inside and out, is meant to convey Mercury’s design vision of modern design, smartly done. Mercury displays a contemporary, technical look through its selection of interior materials and satin aluminum exterior accents.
Exterior design updates include a new grille and revised headlights at the front. The waterfall theme carries over, accentuated by a new front fascia and rectangular fog lamps. Below the grille is a satin aluminum on the center section of the bumper, promised to be a new design cue for Mercury products. The shape of the side mirrors was revised for better NVH, as well as being larger for better visibility. The rear gets a new tailgate and clear taillamp lenses, as well as a satin aluminum strip in the rear bumper strip. Seventeen-inch wheels are standard, with optional eighteen-inchers.
The all-new interior gives Mercury boosted functionality and versions of features from its bigger brother Navigator. Among them are integrated power running boards and power-fold third-row seats, which also now fold 50/50. Both third- and second-row seats fold, but now create a flat load floor. The third row is now a stadium seating style, allowing the rear-most passengers a sightline out the windshield and side windows. The instrument panel, center stack, gearshift lever, seats, and door handles are all new.
Along with a stiffer frame, the mechanical changes include a revised front and all-new rear suspension. The transmission is upgraded to six speeds and the engine to 292HP as the 4.6L V6 gets three valves instead of two.

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