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Stuck to the Dealer's Floor – Inventory Numbers Tell the Story


Which cars and trucks are planted to the dealer’s floor? In other words, which vehicles take the longest to sell? Who cars? Why does it matter, anyway?
Well, while it may not seem that important to you, it’s critically important to the industry s a whole… from the manufacturese, component suppliers, dealers and quite a few financial institutions. First, if you know the time it takes to sell a vehicle, you know how much it is dragging on the dealer’s floorplanning costs. Floorplanning is the term for the amount it costs the dealer to finance the a vehicle in inventory waiting to be sold. If a vehicle has been hanging around for weeks, he’ll be more likely to deal aggressively to get rid of it. Also, vehicles that have high days supply may be less popular. From that perspective, they may be the ones you want to stay away from.

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VehicleVoice#39 – Presenting the AutoPacific IntelliChoice 2006 Motorists' Choice Awards


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If you’re looking for a great car or truck to buy this fall, one that’s not only stylish and powerful, but reliable and a great value, we’ve got a foolproof way for you to choose your next vehicle. Just look at which models won the inaugural AutoPacificIntelliChoice Motorists’ Choice Awards. Unlike other trophies handed out in the automotive industry, this award measures owner satisfaction and the value of the vehicle. AutoPacific surveys owners to determine how satisfied they are with their vehicles. IntelliChoice analyzes the cost of ownership. The result is a strong benchmark combining the emotional relationship a person has with their car and the value they receive. What you get are some pretty extraordinary vehicles that are worth the purchase price, even years after the purchase.
The Orange County Auto Show set the stage for the 2006 Motorists’ Choice Awards presentations. We’ve got a few highlights right here in this week’s podcast.
Show Runtime – 4:30
Show Rundown

00:41 2006 Nissan Armada , best Utility
01:21 2006 Nissan Murano , best Midsize Crossover
02:49 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon , best Midsize/Large Wagon
03:37 2006 Infiniti QX56 , best Luxury Utility and Top Ranked Vehicle Overall

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Scion xB – Wins Motorist's Choice Small Wagon



AutoPacific Take on win by Scion xB –
Scion xB owners’ satisfaction ratings for its size and package strongly contribute to its class-leading performance in the Motorist’s Choice Awards’® Small Wagon category. The xB “rolling box” design makes it very easy to get into and out of and easy for the driver to see out of. These are important factors to the xB owner. While xB is small on the outside, it is huge on the inside with its limousine-like rear seat getting rave reviews.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Scion xB is a true Motorist’s Choice ‘no-brainer’. We at IntelliChoice named the xB as a Best Overall Value of the Year winner in 2006 thanks to its amazing resale value and low expected maintenance and fuel costs. And when you factor in the low entry price, the xB shines. The amazing thing is that it came to the U.S. market to attract younger drivers, but it seems to be a bit hit across all ages. With a Cost of Ownership of just $23,500 vs. $27,000 for it competitors, can you blame them?

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Honda Civic Si – Wins Motorist's Choice Base Sport (Also a 2006 VSA winner)


AutoPacific Take on Win by Honda Civic Si – The all new Honda Civic Si not only wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Base Sports Car class, the Civic lineup overall also won AutoPacific’s 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Award®.

Civic wins its class on the basis of owners’ ratings of the reputation of the car and the brand for durability, quality and reliability. The exterior styling of the new Civic and the image of the car also strongly contribute to its class leading standing. Handling, feeling safe while driving and ease of use are icing on the cake.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Civic was all new for 2006 and this had the team at IntelliChoice wondering if Honda could recapture the magic. The answer – YES! Amazing 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $22,500 for the DX model, over $3500 less than its competition. And now the 2006 Best Overall Value of the Year award winner can add the Motorist’s Choice to its trophy case. When discussing the Honda Civic, you know it’s got to be a very big trophy case!

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Subaru Legacy Wagon – Wins Motorist's Choice Midsize/Large Wagon



AutoPacific Take on Subaru Legacy Win –
Subaru Legacy owners’ satisfaction ratings with their new vehicle contribute to its win of the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Mid-Size/Large Wagon category. With standard all wheel drive, the Legacy Wagon gets high marks for a feeling of safety while driving and good traction in all weather conditions. Also contributing to the safety perception are strong owner ratings for braking and handling. However, driving dynamics are not the only contributors to the Legacy Wagon’s win. Product and brand reputation and durability, quality and reliability were important factors in its class-leading performance.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Legacy is a true flagship for the Subaru line-up. And the Subaru line-up is purchased and driven by some of the most loyal and passionate enthusiasts in the mid-size market. There must be a reason? Well, one look at the Legacy’s place in the Inaugural Motorist’s Choice award roster provides the explanation. It provides the rare combination of reliability, spirited and responsive driving, and excellent value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $31,000, the Legacy is assured of a great legacy.

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Honda Ridgeline – Wins Motorist's Choice Compact Pickup 4WD (Also a 2006 VSA and IVA winner)



AutoPacific Take on the Win by the Honda Ridgeline – The Honda Ridgeline is a very unique and innovative concept. It wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for Compact 4WD Pickups and also won both the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award® and Ideal Vehicle Award® for 2006. Along with Honda’s reputation for reliability and dependability, Ridgeline owners find their truck Fun to Drive with good handling and a comfortable ride. Ridgeline communicates safety and solidity to its owners.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Motorist’s Choice program was designed to identify vehicles that delight their owners from an emotional and economic standpoint, and perhaps no other vehicle meets these criteria better than the Honda Ridgeline. While an unconventional truck, it has features that obviously meet the needs of their buyers. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $$40,295 on the RTL model, can you blame them?

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Toyota 4Runner – Wins Motorist's Choice Intermediate Utility



AutoPacific Take on Win by Toyota 4Runner – The Toyota 4Runner wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Intermediate Utility Vehicle category. Owners’ satisfaction ratings with the reputation of the 4Runner and Toyota as providing reliable and dependable products contributes to 4Runner’s class-leading performance. Fun to drive is also rated strongly with power and acceleration, braking and handling being significant satisfaction contributors for the 4Runner.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The 4Runner has been a cornerstone of Toyota’s accelerating success in the U.S., and in many circles, it is seen as one of the pioneer vehicles that sparked the SUV craze in the early 1990’s. And as a testimony to Toyota, the 4Runner is still among the finest when it was named to the Inaugural Motorist’s Choice roster in 2006. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $35,170 vs. the competitor’s $38,683, the outstanding resale value and reliability continue to shine. But being named to this list means it has to deliver ‘smiles’ as well and the 4Runner continues to deliver.

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Lexus ES 330 – Wins Motorist's Choice Near Luxury



AutoPacific Take on Win by Lexus ES – The Lexus ES wins the Motorist’s Choice Award® for Near Luxury Cars. Owners rate the reputation of the ES, the Lexus brand and the quality of Lexus dealerships as significant contributors to its win. In addition, the ES excels in the sensory side of the equation: ride, quietness and quality of interior fabrics and materials.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Lexus vehicles are a standard-bearer for value delivered with a touch of class, and the ES delivers this promise in many ways. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $37,828, more than $3000 less than it’s competitors, the ES is an amazing value. And when teamed with Lexus’ legendary quality and reliability, why look anywhere else?

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Toyota Avalon – Wins Motorist's Choice Large Car



AutoPacific Take on Win by Avalon – The all new Toyota Avalon is targeted squarely at the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation. It wins the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Large Car category with a combination of image, package and dynamic characteristics. Owners’ satisfaction ratings strongly support the reputation of the Avalon and Toyota for high quality. Seating capacity is a strong satisfaction characteristic and owners tell us Avalon is no slouch in the performance department. They give it strong ratings for power and acceleration, handling and braking. These driving dynamics make the Avalon feel like a very safe vehicle.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Just like the LS430 is the leader for Lexus, the Toyota Avalon is a true flagship. Not just for Toyota, but for the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award winners as well. The Avalon has established itself as a no-compromise and rewarding vehicle to it’s owners, but it’s role as multiple Best Overall Value of the Year winner in Large Car class also confirms it’s amazing value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership over $4000 less than the amazing Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Impala, and others, it is a true Motorist’s Choice.

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Lexus LS430 – Wins Motorist's Choice Luxury (Also a 2006 VSA and IVA winner)



AutoPacific Take on LS430 Win –
The Lexus LS430 wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Luxury Car class. Its owners also rated it so strongly it won the top honors in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award® and Ideal Vehicle Award® for 2006. The LS achieves its class leading performance with a strong reputation of the vehicle and the brand for reliability, dependability and quality. It’s class-leading vehicle attributes make the LS430 very easy to live with. Its owners rate it easy to get into and out of, very quiet, and luxurious. LS430 owners also find that it excels at the basics like braking and cargo capacity.
IntelliChoice Analysis – With the Lexus LS430, we have a true flagship. Not just for the Lexus line of fine vehicles, but for the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award winners as well. The LS is known for it’s rock-solid ride and quality, but it’s role as multiple Best Overall Value of the Year winner in the Luxury class should take away any misconceptions about it’s amazing value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership over $9000 less than it’s strong competitors from Mercedes and BMW, it is a true Motorist’s Choice.

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