2010 Nissan 370Z: The Family is Here


370Z: Second Generation Continues Purist Roots
With the 370Z Roadster on sale this month, Nissan’s 370Z full family has arrived. The latest coupe went on sale in January 2009, followed by an on-road track car in the NISMO 370Z in June 2009. This summer, we found time for all three.
370Z should be Nissan’s personality distilled, affordable and practical, but edgey and at home in Everyman’s garage. Good thing for them, Nissan successfully refined without sacrificing its edge or rough-and-ready nature. If you didn’t like the 350Z, you’re not going to like 370Z. If you did, there’s only more to love.
The new car is easy to pick as a modern Z. Against the 2003-09MY car, proportions have been adjusted and it lost a few inches. The new car takes cues of today’s Nissan family in its lights, and the convertible top looks more of a piece than the 350Z. There’s more power under the hood, always nice, but less weight being carried around, even better. Weight was lost with the shrinking of the Z, but also with selective use of aluminum (including hood and doors).

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New York Auto Show 2008 – 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe


It’s All About the Look
Pontiac introduced a hardtop version of the extroverted Solstice at this year’s New York auto show, along with the G8 GXP and G8 ST. As cool as it looks, don’t rush to the dealer. Your Solstice coupe won’t be there until early 2009.



The Solstice coupe looks great. With the same engines and suspension setup as the roadster, you can bet it’ll be just as fun on the road. But Pontiac built in compromises with a lift-off roof panel, liftglass (versus tailgate), and useless but nicely styled rear quarter windows. Yes, small coupes always offer less interior and cargo space and poor visibility compared with sedans and SUVs. Small, sporty coupes (or convertibles) are always compromised. But the compromises don’t need to be this obvious.

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