Tata Motors:

It's Official: Jaguar Land Rover Has Been Sold


Below the jump, you can read Tata‘s official statement on buying Jaguar and Land Rover, now Jaguar Land Rover, from Ford today. However odd it may seem for these illustrious British marques to be owned by an Indian conglomerate, Tata may well end up being an excellent caretaker.


At least initially, it seems that Tata Motors is looking to let the company continue with the product plans in place before the sale. Tata has ensured supply of needed engines and stampings through “long-term” agreements with Ford Motor Company and appointed David Smith the new Jaguar Land Rover CEO. Mr. Smith, who had been Jaguar Land Rover’s CFO, took on the role of acting CEO after Geoff Polites death in April. The appointment of a long-time Land Rover principal, holding twenty-five years with the SUV maker, indicates further support of the existing management staff.
As Tata gets more deeply involved, the business situation is bound to change. But the Indian company has patience, and seems to be ready to learn about the international business before making significant changes.

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Exhuast Note #7: Tata Shows Patience is a Virtue


I recently attended a presentation with a panel of Indian-market experts, at a Society of Automotive Analysts meeting. Much was covered, discussed, and analyzed, and we were shown more numbers than you could shake a stick at.
A couple of points stuck in my head. Among them: Indian companies and people seem more patient and willing to learn, yet still ambitious and effective. Another: As a basic cultural value, the Indian population doesn’t seem to care all that much for cars.


Tata is Ready to Learn
Tata Motors has been making vehicles since 1954. They aren’t newcomers, though most of their history is with commercial vehicles. The company is expanding on the global scene slowly and carefully. The purchase of Jaguar Land Rover is the first step for playing with in the big leagues.

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Tata Nano – World's Cheapest Car


Tata Motors of India announced its Tata Nano micro car today. In Tata’s press release they refer to the Nano as “The People’s Car”. Priced at $2,500, the Nano is minimalist transportation at best. Designed to carry five, the Nano is described by Tata as an “all-weather car” which should tell you something. At 122-inches long, 59-inches wide and 62 inches tall, the Nano will not take up much road. As a comparison, the smart car which will soon be sold in the USA is 106-inches long, 62-inches wide, and 61-inches tall. But smart is a two passenger car with staggered seating and no pretension of seating four or five.

Tata Nano F34.jpg

With Nano’s dimensions the seating position will be very high, very upright and very tight for five… but Tata says it will “comfortably” seat four. Nano is a rear engine, rear wheel drive conveyance with a 623cc 2-cylinder engine. As in the Mitsubishi i, the engine is mounted horizontally below the rear cargo area.
Tata Nano SV.jpg

Tata Nano R34.jpg

Beyond The People’s Car, Tata has been in the news recently as the front runner in the bidding for Ford’s Jaguar and Land Rover units. If Tata should land JLR they will surely have the market bracketed – cheapest to among the most expensive. Remember, Tata also owns Tetley Tea and some other well-known brands.

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