2012 Volkswagen Tiguan Most Satisfying Compact Crossover SUV


Best In Class 2012 Compact Crossover SUV:  Volkswagen Tiguan

2012 VW Tiguan Wins AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

Owners of the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan Compact Crossover SUV give the vehicle top ratings in sixteen of forty-eight categories in AutoPacific’s 2012 Vehicle Satisfaction Award research.  Owners give the Tiguan top ratings for:  Seating Capacity, Flexible Seating, Vehicle’s Reputation, Interior Styling, Interior Materials, Quality Feeling of Controls, Brand of Audio System, Visibility, Cupholders, Tire Size/Brand/Appearance, Environmental Friendliness, Infotainment Technology, Feeling Safe While Driving, Safety Features, Safety Ratings, Overall Quality and Durability.  With a maximum score of 5.0 satisfaction rating points, a score of 4.5 or higher is considered very good.  Tiguan owners rated their vehicle at 4.5 or higher in:  Overall Satisfaction, Seating Capacity, Vehicle’s Reputation, Brand’s Reputation, Exterior Color, Exterior Styling, Interior Styling, Interior Materials, Handling, Fun to Drive, Reliability, Visibility, Feeling Safe While Driving, Safety Features, Safety Ratings and Overall Quality.  There are five ratings under 4.0 satisfaction rating points:  Cargo Space, Fuel Economy, Cruising Range, Recyclability and Collision Avoidance Technology.  This is a very strong performance by Tiguan showing VW’s strengths in interior and exterior styling and materials selection are clearly appreciated by its owner group.

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2009 Volkswagen Tiguan: A Preview



Volkswagen has developed a little brother for the Touareg SUV, and as a VehicleVoice.com reader, you may have seen our previous Tiguan report and podcast. Set to launch midway through 2008, the Tiguan is a small SUV of the crossover/modern style, based on the latest Golf (known as the Rabbit in U.S. dealerships). But like the Touareg above it, Tiguan has some rock-crawling capability (depending on equipment and market). With inspiration claimed in part from dune buggies, it is fitting that VW ensures the small SUV can get over some rocks and through some sand.
The formal reveal is scheduled for the 2007 Frankfurt auto show, but VW has been comparatively public about its development. The first hint of their intent was found in 2004’s outlandish Concept T, an odd cross between sports car, SUV, and dune buggy revealed the North American International Auto Show. Next the inspiration was applied to Concept A, a more rational development of ideas born in the Concept T shown in February 2006 at the Geneva auto show. In November 2006, the near-production Concept Tiguan was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. VW has released quite much about the European-market Tiguan and invited a group of international journalists to tag along for some development testing in Namibia. The first production photos were released in June 2007 and we’ve got a pretty clear picture of the car you can buy next summer.



(Click for more Concept T photos here and here, another Concept A photo, and another Concept Tiguan photo.)

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VehicleVoice#58 – Volkswagen 2007 GTI and the Tiguan (Tiguan?)


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Volkswagen believes that great things can come in small packages. Their 2006 GTI won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award, after all. The 2007 edition does add a five-door version to the lineup for folks who want a bit more function, but do not want much more size. Sticking with the theme, VW’s new SUV Concept, the Tiguan, is another small package with big features.
No, we don’t know what a Tiguan is. Neither does Dictionary.com. But that’s not important right now. What is, is the fact that the L.A. Auto Show and the North American International Auto Show offered a peek at the new compact SUV sporting a 50-state-compliant 2.0-liter diesel. What does that mean? VW is promising several alternative drivetrains when the Tiguan actually hits production. Word on the show floor in Detroit was that the production model is going to be darned close to the concept.
David Barrett gives us a quick look at the Tiguan, replendent in orange, as well as the 2007 GTI, also resplendent in orange. In fact everything in the VW booth was resplendent in orange, including the light.

Show Runtime – 3:28

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Tiguan: Volkswagen Small SUV


Just how do you pronounce a fake word?
It seems that after more than 100 years of building automobiles, the industry gets ever-more clever (or desperate) to find names for the proliferation of new models. And while an excellent product can overcome a bad name, a difficult or unfamiliar name can make getting the message across to potential new buyers more difficult. The latest new name announcement has come from Volkswagen. The name Tiguan will be proudly worn on an upcoming small SUV due to be found at VW dealers worldwide in 2008.


Looking to readers of the German magazine AutoBild to help make the final decision, the upcoming small SUV from VW will be called Tiguan. This is, according to a press release from VW, a name made up by VW Marketing and that will be associated with travel, adventure, and excitement.
Maybe Tiguan Sounds Good in German
We’re not sure it sounds exotic as VW claims and wish VW would have included a pronunciation key with the release. Maybe it sounds great in German, but how does it sound in English? We also wonder how exotic this name will sound being slaughtered by people all over the world making their best guess. Touareg required educating buyers and potential buyers on how to say it, but at least Touareg is an actual word.
More than 350,000 readers weighed in on the name choice, and VW reports that Tiguan received a clear majority of the votes. The names that lost were Nanuk, Namib, Rockton, and Samun. While Nanuk is a variation of the Inuit name for a polar bear (first spelled nanuq and nanook), Namib is a real word (a desert in Namibia), and there is at least one U.S. city named Rockton, Tiguan and Samun are made-up words. Though the readers polled presumably would claim German as their first language and may disagree, to us Tiguan looks the most difficult of the choices to pronounce. At one point, it was said that VW was considering calling this the Beduin. Here at AutoPacific and VehicleVoice, we’re of the opinion that Beduin is far better than any of the five options.
And how excited can you be about a car that you have to teach all your friends how to say? Buyers will get to make that choice in a few years, but what do you think?
The look of the small SUV was previewed at the 2006 Geneva auto show, in the Concept A.

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