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2009 Lincoln Town Car: Motorist Choice Award Winner


2008_LincolnTownCar_MCA.jpg“The Lincoln Town Car wins 2009 AutoPacific Motorist Choice Award in the Large Car segment. Owners rave about one of the last body-on-frame vehicles. From 5-star safety ratings to stuffing four golf bags into the trunk, owners appreciate their Town Car. It consistently scored at the top of its class.” – AutoPacific
“The Town Car has low maintenance costs and was ranked first in the AutoPacific survey.” – IntelliChoice
Owner Satisfaction Highlights
• Vehicle and Brand Reputation
• Winning scores for Durability and Longevity
• Feeling Safe While Driving
• Packaging elements, including Cargo Space/Capacity and Forward and Rearward Driver’s Seat Visibility
• Vehicle’s Ride
Cost-of-Ownership Strengths
• Low Maintenance Costs
• Better-than-expected Insurance Costs

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2009 Lincoln Town Car Wins AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Score for Large Car


2008_LincolnTownCar.jpgIn the Large Car segment the Lincoln Town Car took top honors. Capturing 29 out of the 48 measurements for satisfaction, owners of this American icon appreciate the generous dimensions and loads of standard features. Town Car excels in areas that lead to a comfortable environment, allowing this stately sedan to age gracefully. Among the areas Town Car earned top scores are:
* Vehicle’s reputation with winning scores for durability and longevity
* Feeling safe while driving
* Several package related characteristics, including cargo space/capacity and both forward and rearward driver’s seat visibility
* Vehicle’s ride

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Lincoln Resurrects Town Car – For Awhile


As part of Ford’s semi-annual Way Forward plan, Ford announced that they will not cancel the venerable Lincoln Town Car after all. They made the sensible decision to move the Town Car from its decades-old home of Wixom, Michigan to the Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Plant in St. Thomas, Ontario.

LincolnTownCar Blog.jpg

You can see what we at VehicleVoice think/thought of Ford’s plans for Lincoln in our Lincoln commits suicide blog of August 24, 2006.
Keeping the Town Car around helps Ford’s revenue picture, keeps the livery business happy and increases the utilization of the St. Thomas plant (where Ford just dropped one of two shifts). Apparently, the transition from Wixom to St. Thomas is not as easy as many believed. There will have to be some substantial changes to the cars to accommodate all three on the same line.

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Lincoln Commits Suicide – Brand R.I.P.


Ford has all but guaranteed the demise of its luxury Lincoln brand through a series of strategy, marketing and product blunders not recently seen in the American car industry. In effect, Ford has forced Lincoln’s suicide. While we would like to write the epitaph now, Lincoln’s death seems like a long, slow, painful trauma that will provide fodder for the business press for the next decade. VehicleVoice counts the various ways Lincoln has been killing itself over the past couple of years.
Working backward:

Lincoln Shoots Itself in the Stomach by Cancelling V8 engine on 2009 Lincoln MKS (pronounced Em Kay Ess, not Mark S):
This guarantees Lincoln will no longer be a luxury brand but a premium brand like Acura or Buick. Maybe the MKS will be an OK car, but with AWD and only a 260-plus horsepower V6 it can, at best, be an “almost-Acura-RL” which is off-concept at best. Even rumors of a range topping Twin-Turbo V6 with well over 300 horsepower will not offset the lack of the needed V8.
Lincoln Shoots Itself in the Shoulder by Cancelling the Lincoln Town Car: The Lincoln Town Car has not pretended to be at the top of the luxury car heap for decades, but with few improvements over the years, Town Car devolved into the Executive Car loved by livery buyers. Few Town Car sales were for personal use. So Ford allowed the Town Car to deteriorate from any Luxury Car pretenses it may have had, and become a luxurious black taxi driven by cabbies with ties. Just think what Ford could have achieved if they had implemented a major major change on the rear wheel drive Panther platform. New Town Car, New Grand Marquis, New Crown Vic… all built in Canada. Now, put in the 300HP 4.6L V8 and you could have a something to talk about

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Guilty Pleasures – The Three Vehicles I Never Want My Friends To See Me Drive


Long a car-sick motor head, over the years I’ve cultivated a rather ecclectic (and quite strong) list of likes and dislikes in the vehicles I have owned. Lots of overpowered coupes and sedans, a couple of oddball oversteering rear engined cars with more power than their engineers had envisioned when first they set pencil to paper, and only a single vehicle that could be categorized as a truck. And a pretty poor excuse for a truck at that.
Recently, after discussing favorite “Guilty Pleasure” films with some journalist pals, the topic turned the concept of Guilty Pleasure vehicles. Vehicles you like (or would like) to drive but would never admit it to a friend. At the top of the list were those small, innocous, underpowered economy cars that can be driven at ten-tenths all the time without raising the ire of police or other drivers. Why precisely these came up first is of some small concern to me. Perhaps I need a new set of journalist friends, but I digress.
Next the subject of traditional big American Iron came up. As in large, V8 rear-drive cars with primitive solid axle rear suspension systems better suited to buggies or heavy duty pickups than 21st century land transport. Nothing of any collectible interest or classic in nature, we’re talking about post 1985-metal. At the risk of trading in my VehicleVoice correspondent credentials and my AutoPacific analyst pass, the first of my automotive Guilty Pleasures comes to light, the Lincoln Town Car.

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2005 Lincoln Town Car Wins AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

Lincoln Town Car Wins AutoPacific 2005 Luxury/Large Car Vehicle Satisfaction Award

AutoPacific VSA Blog.jpg

“Owners of the Lincoln Town Car rate the large American Luxury Car tops in its category. Town Car owners are especially fond of exterior styling that communicates affluence without being ostentatious. The strongly rated Town Car interior coddles the driver and passengers in traditional American luxury. What they expect, they get.”
Town Car won its class over the perennial winner Cadillac DeVille – a winner of seven straight previous Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

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