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It seems that everywhere you look, America’s gone green. Products and their packaging proudly announce their sustainability. Recycling bins are prominently placed in public places. And of course, those hybrid vehicles seem to be just about everywhere. There are countless good reasons to think about environmental sensitivity, but it should also be said that it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the hype too. What am I implying here? I’m suggesting that it’s pretty easy to do small token acts – and then feel like you’re helping the environment a lot more than you really are.
I’ll come back to this is a moment. I think it should first be said that there is a universal truth about automobiles. This universal truth is that people tend to buy vehicles that make them feel good. What makes people feel good varies with the times. Back in the 1950s, big cars with tailfins and jet-exhaust [...]

We take Pontiac's new star, the G8, out for a first drive. Impressive and responsive, but not stirring.
In addition to his custom car business, his reality TLC TV show, Coddington owned a popular wheel company, Boyd Wheels (started in 1988) offering up highly polished wheels designed to make any hot rod a bit hotter.
David Barrett had this exclusive chat with Dr. Z. Do you think he's happy to be in charge of Daimler now, instead of Daimler Chrysler? Listen between the lines, folks.
The new GLK is a small SUV with a groundbreaking four-cylinder, Bluetec diesel motor.
This time, a walk around the second Chrysler concept to grace the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, although the Jeep Renegade Concept isn't meant to be on the floor. It's meant to be off road - so far off road, you could try it at sea. Amphibious? You decide.
Here's your exclusive look at this four-seat sports car with the glass roof and 23" wheels. Wow!
All three sported alternative power trains, glittered with LED lights in unexpected places, and boasted glass, glass and more glass. But each was vastly different in, not only it's design, but it's perceived use and expected user.

It’s a fact of life that we are all “connected” more than ever today. We gab on our cellphones constantly, we check our messages both in front of computers and on the go on our smartphones, and we have more choices than ever over how we are entertained. For the most part, these are all positive changes in our lives and a clear sign of progress.
We live, however, in one of those “in-between” times when society hasn’t yet figured out how to merge progress with basic safety. You know, like back when automotive engineers figured out how to make cars go really fast but hadn’t yet invented the 3-point seatbelt. To what am I referring? I’m talking about being able to use all of these devices that keep us connected safely while driving.
This is a topic that’s been talked about time and time again over the last decade. Initially, people talked [...]

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