Volkswagen Touareg 2:

2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 – New York Auto Show


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Volkwagen announced a freshened Touareg 2 at the New York Auto Show in early April, after introducing the new look to Europeans in Paris last September. The Touareg 2 has updated exterior styling, but frankly it is difficult/impossible to see the changes. It’s kind of like the freshening the Acura MDX got for 2005 – couldn’t tell.
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Typical “Front and Rear Six” Freshening
One of the quickest and least expensive ways to update a vehicle is with a “front and rear six” freshening. This is what Volkswagen did with the Touareg 2. They updated the grille and front fascia to be more in line with other Volkswagen models. We feel that this recognizable face helps define a brand and that VW is better off with at-a-glance identification. Tallamps have been modified and the center taillamp relocated into its “redesigned aerodynamic and sporty rear spoiler”.
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New Instrument Cluster May Alleviate Biggest Complaint with Touareg 1
One of my biggest complaints with the “Touareg 1” was the auxiliary gauges in the instrument cluster were totally illegible. They were so small that only a German with 20/15 vision could tell what the state of the fuel was. So Touareg 2 gets a new instrument cluster with “a larger display”. Right on!
Under the Skin Changes – Comprehensive Updates
There were more changes under the skin, and more features moved to the standard equipment list. This is appropriate with a vehicle that was Volkswagen’s first venture into the Crossover Sport Utility Vehicle market. Vehicle dynamics improved with rollover sensors and the ability for the electronic stability control system to adjust for understeer. But we’ll let you read their press release below the fold to get the grimble details of the functional upgrades.

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