Volvo XC70 Most Ideal 2012 Luxury Crossover SUV


OK, OK, you might not put the Volvo XC70 in an SUV class, but Volvo has gone to lengths to give the XC70 SUV cues and it pulls them off pretty well.  And, Volvo describes the XC70 as a “crossover”, so, QED.  The XC70 outpoints the second place Audi Q5 by over 50 rating points.

AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award (IVA) recognizes the vehicle that best hits the target its buyers demand.  To score well shows the product planning and design team understand the vehicle’s buyers very well and have executed the product to meet those standards.

Volvo XC70 Dominates Audi Q5 in IVA Win: The 2012 Volvo XC70 comes closest to the ideal of any Luxury Crossover SUV.  The XC70 outpoints the second place Luxury XSUV – the Audi Q5 – by 52 rating points.  In fact, eighty-percent or more of XC70’s owners would not change fourteen of fifteen major characteristics of their vehicle.

Any time over 90% of an owner group wants a characteristic to remain the same, the maker has hit its target dead center.  Ninety-percent-plus characteristics in the XC70 include:  exterior size, exterior styling, driver’s seat visibility, driver’s seat comfort, wheels, and safety features.

The only area lacking is interior storage compartments – 27% of XC70 owners want more interior storage.

You can find an Autobytel review of this IVA award winner at  http://www.autobytel.com/auto-news/awards/ideal-suvs-pickups-rated-by-owners-in-2012-iva-awards-112117/

For a complete summary of all AutoPacific 2012 Ideal Vehicle Award results contact karin.turner@vehiclevoice.com and title your email “IVA Results”.  A copy of the results will be emailed to you within 48-hours.

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2008 Volvo XC70: New York Auto Show


Volvo’s First Crossover Revived
Though the Volvo XC70 and V70 had worldwide introductions at the Geneva auto show, the 2007 New York auto show provided a venue for Volvo’s North American reveal of the XC70. As the XC70’s largest market is North America, it is no surprise the beefier model has been introduced here ahead of its tamer V70 wagon sibling. The XC70 will continue to offer only one powertrain in the States, but with the 2008 model year it gets the new 235HP 3.2L inline six mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.


On sale in October 2007, this will be the third generation of XC70. It builds on the blend of wagon and SUV that made the first two generations the niche successes they were and substantially adds to the electronic aids intended to make being on the road safer. The XC70 stays only AWD, with basics like Volvo’s Instant Traction System and Dynamic Stability and Traction Control still standard. It is the launch product for Volvo’s version of Hill Descent Control and available with the three-setting (comfort, sport, and advanced) Four C active chassis control system.

Other electronic aids include adaptive cruise control, Blind Spot Information System, a system that delays incoming phone calls or messages if it decides a given driving situation is too complex (IDIS assesses the complexity of a given driving situation through steering, throttle, brake application), the Personal Car Communicator introduced on the S80, and advanced braking functions including hydraulic brake assist, ready alert brakes, and a system for avoiding brake fade. Collision Warning with Brake Support system will warn the driver if they are getting too close, and brakes are prepared for action to help the driver stop as fast as possible when they notice the danger ahead. This particular system has three settings available, to adjust sensitivity for a particular driver’s tendencies and usual driving conditions.

The XC70’s passive-safety arsenal, between the standard and optional equipment lists, keeps the optional HID cornering headlights, updates child safety (including adjustable booster seats for the second row), and makes the second-generation WHIPS whiplash system and extended side curtain airbag standard.

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