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Scion: xD Versatile But Not Aging Gracefully


The Scion xD isn’t the most popular Scion model.  It isn’t even the most well-recognized model.  From the exterior it appears to be an automotive oxymoron.  It looks like a big compact car.  Versatile?  Yes.  Roomy?  Kinda sorta.


The roof is far taller than other cars, such as the Corolla or Sentra.  The seating position is also a little higher.  Somehow this did not translate into interior more room for me.  At 6’3″, my head rubbed the ceiling and really prevented me from driving it.  Crossing some railroad tracks proved to be an unexpectedly painful experience.  I was only able to tolerate about 150 miles in this car because I just couldn’t fit.

20130607_124447Although the Scion xD is showing some age, it proved to be capable of taking the two kids and wife to Costco and have plenty of room for mass quantities of toilet paper, four gallons of milk, and too many other items to count.  With kids in the backseat you can slide the seat forward for more cargo room.  Without any kids the seats fold nicely to allow for larger items.


The xD has some strong competition from the likes of the Focus, Dart, and Elantra these days.  The four-speed automatic transmission makes the engine sound unrefined and thrashy.

The xD was once part of a brand that was all about marketing cars to younger buyers.  The xD just hasn’t stayed competitive with everyone else in the market.  If you’re looking for a mini Toyota Matrix-like car for not a lot of money, the xD will check that box for you.  The xD is not for those over six feet tall.  If you’re looking for some transportation and you’re a Toyota diehard, I’d recommend looking at the 2014 Corolla.

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