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Hyundai CCS

Over the last few years, Hyundai has made serious strides worldwide. No longer the purveyor of cheap, low quality, and just plain undesirable vehicles, Hyundai is now offering much more competitive offerings with unbeatable prices and warranties.
Each new offering from Hyundai appears to be more impressive than the last, and the Hyundai CCS concept, which is a near-production ready Tiburon convertible, is no exception.
The CCS is Hyundai’s first convertible offering, and as per today’s convertible top trend, it features a slick retractable hard top. Engineered by renowned coachbuilder Karmann, this top features an innovation not yet seen on any other retractable hard top – a sliding glass roof.
Similar in concept to the Porsche 911 Targa, the CCS’ glass roof slides back over the backlight. In other words, the driver is treated to a large sunroof. Of course, the top also fully retracts into the trunk, making this car perhaps one of the most versatile convertibles around.
Other details are standard Tiburon. The concept is powered by the Tiburon’s 2.7L V6, and all sheetmetal below the beltline and forward of the B-pillars is shared with the standard Tiburon coupe. The car’s silhouette works well with the retractable hardtop and gives the car a whole new look – onlookers may not even realize that this is a chop-top Tiburon.
This car, while destined to be a low volume seller, will almost certainly serve as an image builder for a company whose image is already well on its way up. Hyundai’s aggressive product strategy is paying large dividends, and cars like this new Tiburon convertible help to reinforce to the buying public that Hyundai is becoming a real, viable, and unique alternative.

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