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Volkswagen Concept R

Ever since the demise of the Corrado in 1995, Volkswagen has not had an overtly sporting model in its lineup. Sure, there have been sporty versions of its mainstream models, but a pure sports model has been lacking from the VW lineup for years.
And it makes perfect sense – sports and sporty cars have declined in popularity worldwide as people have instead become attracted to vehicles that offer functionality and practicality along with high image (like SUVs). VW was forced to abandon the sporty Corrado because buyer interest faded.
Hardcore VW enthusiasts have been moaning about the death of the sporty VW ever since, and now it looks like they may soon have reason to rejoice. The Concept R is a design study for a pure sports car that is arguably more focused on pure performance than any VW before it, and word has it that the car will be produced, at least for the European market.
Based around Golf V components, this two-seat roadster is nonetheless an extremely unique model in and of itself. For starters, the Concept R is a mid-engine, rear wheel drive design, like many of the most renowned sports cars. The concept is powered by a 265HP version of the 3.2L V6 engine that currently powers the Touareg V6 and the upcoming Golf R32. VW’s acclaimed DSG gearbox transfers this power to the rear wheels. For those not familiar with DSG, this is a semi-auto manual transmission that utilizes a secondary clutch to keep the next gear engaged and ready to go in the blink of an eye, unlike competing systems that feature a noticeable lag between shifts. It also features a full automatic mode, allowing automatic-style ease of use and refinement with manual transmission fuel economy. Really, the best of both worlds.
The exterior is wildly expressive for a VW, featuring many design cues never before seen within the VW brand. It’s less Bauhaus and more organic. The interior is also very organically styled for a VW, and it does feature some interesting features, like seats that can be adjusted for firmness.
While AutoPacific does not forecast the budget sports car market to undergo a significant resurgence anytime soon, such a car can have a positive halo effect on the brand – which can sometimes make this kind of car worth doing (just look at what the new Z is doing for Nissan). The fact that the VW brand is showing signs of stagnation in the US could make this car worthwhile, perhaps creating some buzz for the lineup in the way the New Beetle did in 1998. If VW can produce this car for a reasonable price (avoiding the brand’s current upscale meanderings), a production version of the Concept R could be very enticing indeed.

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