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2006 Mercury Mountaineer

For the 2006 model year, both Mercury Mountaineer and Ford Explorer get a major redesign. To help generate interest in Mercury and display a commitment to the brand, the Mountaineer was introduced at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show, ahead of the redesigned Explorer and alongside the all-new Milan. Mercury also took the opportunity in Chicago to announce that the hybrid version of the Mariner would come a year early, for 2006 instead of 2007.
The redesigned Mountaineer enters 2006MY with revised exterior styling, an all-new interior, and an updated platform. The new styling, inside and out, is meant to convey Mercury’s design vision of modern design, smartly done. Mercury displays a contemporary, technical look through its selection of interior materials and satin aluminum exterior accents.
Exterior design updates include a new grille and revised headlights at the front. The waterfall theme carries over, accentuated by a new front fascia and rectangular fog lamps. Below the grille is a satin aluminum on the center section of the bumper, promised to be a new design cue for Mercury products. The shape of the side mirrors was revised for better NVH, as well as being larger for better visibility. The rear gets a new tailgate and clear taillamp lenses, as well as a satin aluminum strip in the rear bumper strip. Seventeen-inch wheels are standard, with optional eighteen-inchers.
The all-new interior gives Mercury boosted functionality and versions of features from its bigger brother Navigator. Among them are integrated power running boards and power-fold third-row seats, which also now fold 50/50. Both third- and second-row seats fold, but now create a flat load floor. The third row is now a stadium seating style, allowing the rear-most passengers a sightline out the windshield and side windows. The instrument panel, center stack, gearshift lever, seats, and door handles are all new.
Along with a stiffer frame, the mechanical changes include a revised front and all-new rear suspension. The transmission is upgraded to six speeds and the engine to 292HP as the 4.6L V6 gets three valves instead of two.

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