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2005 Tucson & Element Win AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

  • February 15, 2005
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Hyundai Tucson and Honda Element Tie for AutoPacific 2005 Compact Sport Utility Vehicle Satisfaction Award

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β€œThe larger stablemate to the Tucson – the Hyundai Santa Fe – has won (or tied) the VSA in its class for four of its five years on the market. In fact, Santa Fe owners were the first ever to rate a Korean brand vehicle tops in its category. With Santa Fe within a year of replacement, the Tucson continues Hyundai’s string of winning products. Tucson’s new style, new package, affordable pricing and outstanding warranty provide a combination that it difficult to beat.”
“Honda Element owners give the Element a tie with the new Tucson. Element styling may be the new king of funk, but its function wins the day. Element is easy to drive, easy to live with and highly functional. It may have been developed to be a rolling dorm room for twentysomethings, but the Xers and Boomers who are buying it think it is great.”

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