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Nissan Urge: Small Sports Car Concept Explores Future

Although Nissan unveiled some production models at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in January, the Nissan Urge was also shown as a teaser concept on the stand. VehicleVoice correspondents were on hand to see the Urge Concept in person, so we’ve added photos since this blog was first posted.
The Nissan Urge is a small rear wheel drive sports car; using a six-speed manual gearbox and small engine. Designed by Nissan’s studio in La Jolla, California, the designers are said to have been inspired by their motorcycle enthusiasm in developing this small-car project. The Urge includes color-infused aluminum body panels and integrates an X-Box 360 gaming system.


Urge More Design Study Than Production Study
While many concept cars have solid roots in programs being explored or already under development, Nissan continues to also show concepts as concepts. In 2004, Nissan showed the Actic lifestyle vehicle in Detroit and followed it up with the Azeal sport coupe in 2005. Interior and exterior styling elements of these cars, including this year’s Urge, may find their way into the brand, but these cars are not previews of currently planned production models. The Actic, Azeal, and Urge are pure concept exploration, compared with show properties like the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show’s GT-R, which is a preview of the highly anticipated next Skyline GT-R for 2008 model year.









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