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VehicleVoice Research Used in USA Today

VehicleVoice panelists conribute to breaking news by providing their input on current automotive issues.
The latest attribution was from our January 2006 Fuel Price Impact Study where we queried panelists on ethanol-based fuel like E85 – a 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline mix.
USA_Today used the VehicleVoice data that had been distributed in an AutoPacific press release in late january in their February 9, 2006 issue.
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“E85’s drawback is reduced fuel economy. Ethanol backers acknowledge that E85 must be sufficiently cheaper than gasoline to make up for poorer mileage. Even so, Americans dislike frequent fuel stops. A recent survey by AutoPacific consultants showed only 40% of drivers willing to accept fewer miles per gallon with E85.”

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