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Nissan Titan Onyx to Expand Titan Range

Titan Onyx Suggests Future Personalization Options
At the 2006 Chicago Auto Show, alongside and overshadowed by the updated 2007 Quest, was a Nissan Titan concept called Onyx. Following the press conference and walking the show amongst other industry watchers and journalists, AutoPacific and VehicleVoice correspondents noticed a lack of activity around the Onyx. With any luck, the car-buying public that the Chicago show truly caters to took more notice the following week.


Nissan created the Onyx concept to gauge reaction for potential future special edition packages or perhaps dealer-installed accessories. The idea is not a bad one, as the other truck manufacturers offer various add-ons, and there is a perception that Nissan buyers may be more into personalizing their ride than some other makes. Nissan has a strong reputation among the tuner crowd, and if they stay loyal to the brand for a truck, they are likely to take their penchant for personalization with them.
Nissan is committed to expanding the Titan lineup, and though the Onyx was only a very small step in that direction, heavy-duty and diesel variants of the Titan will likely arrive before the end of the decade. Showing the concept Titan also likely endeavored to generate some attention for Nissan’s full-size pickup at the show, where it was heavily overshadowed by the unveiling of Toyota’s next Tundra.

Special Face and Interior for Onyx Concept
The Onyx concept didn’t get any mechanical tweaks, only some exterior and interior eyewash of a type that might be part of special edition Titans in the future. Specifically, the Onyx gets twenty-inch chrome wheels, chrome running boards, and a deep, heavy-looking front valance. Among the interior tweaks were black trim, satin-finish gauge bezels, embroidered floor mats, accents on the steering wheel and head restraint, and aluminum brake and accelerator pedals.



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