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Let’s Talk Cars: Fuel Crisis? & Future Vehicle Survey

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AutoPacific VP and Industry Analyst Jim Hossack weighs in on the current state of fuel prices, what Americans are thinking, and what the near future holds with regard to fuel and alternatives. Hossack’s comments summarize the results of the latest VehicleVoice Fuel Price Impact Survey conducted by the VehicleVoice automotive internet research panel. Next, AutoPacific Founder and CEO George Peterson explains the 2006 Future Vehicle Survey – an important program that helps automobile manufacturers learn about the needs of consumers. Learn how you can participate in the Future Vehicle Survey. Audio Podcast.
Show Rundown
00:50 Fuel Crisis: The latest on fuel, pricing, and the needs of Americans at the pump
10:18 2006 Future Vehicle Survey: George Peterson, VehicleVoice

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