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VehicleVoice Blog Very Successful
The VehicleVoice Blog has become very popular among people who are interested in insight into the automotive industry that they cannot get elsewhere. To date, we have over 15,000 active participants on the VehicleVoice Blog. We are sure that you are enjoying it.
Let’s Talk Cars Podcasts and Videocasts Have a Strong Following
Our Let’s Talk Cars podcasts and videocasts have become very popular downloads directly from the VehicleVoice Blog site but also from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. We encourage all VehicleVoice bloggers to subscribe through the iTunes Music Store to get immediate access to our most recently posted podcasts and videocasts.
Increase Your Participation By Joining the VehicleVoice Internet Survey Panel
As you know, the VehicleVoice Blog is part of VehicleVoice – our Internet-based automotive specialist survey panel.
We welcome all VehicleVoice Bloggers to become VehicleVoice panelists. By becoming a panelist, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinions about issues important to you concerning the design of your future car or truck. This input will be communicated to automakers and suppliers so they provide your perfect vehicle in the future.
Give Your Opinions and Win Prizes
In addition to giving you an outlet to express your opinions, you get the change to win sweepstakes prizes. For example, the grand prize for completing the full battery or VehicleVoice surveys is car payments for a year – or $6,000. Join now and complete the surveys to get your chance!

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