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Will Pontiac Get Smart on the Solstice?

  • June 15, 2006
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Last month I almost screamed when I heard that Bob Lutz said that the potential demand for the Solstice could be as high as 35,000 per year. Lutz said that GM was considering boosting production to as high as 35,000 units. Recently Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson said that production would increase only if sales of the roadsters are sustained. Let’s hope GM defines “sustained” carefully.

While I certainly hope that the Solstice is a profitable venture for GM, let’s not get carried away. General Motors is not going to get rich by expanding Solstice production. 35,000 units is chump change that will do almost nothing to increase GM’s bottom line.
Slow down, GM. The Solstice is the first Pontiac product in years that could actually increase the image of the Pontiac Brand. This is no time to get greedy. Keep the production low. One less unit than the market demands. GM can try to milk the Solstice for three years of profit, or they can let the appeal of a low-volume roadster keep consumers interested in Pontiac for years. Would Mazda have survived without the Miata?
Take a deep breadth, GM. Hold it. Now relax and repeat.

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