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Let's Talk Cars: Alaskan Pipeline Trouble, the Future of E85 and BMW's New Hybrid Deal

  • August 14, 2006
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This week, Let’s Talk Cars sees David Barrett sitting down with AutoPacific’s Vice President and Senior Analyst Jim Hossack for their bi-monthly chat. On tap – British Petroleum’s disintegrating Alaskan Pipeline, Walmart getting into the E85 game, waning interest in motorsport, GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner, and the new GM/Chrysler/BMW Hybrid deal.
First up, how will BP’s announcement of deteriorating pipelines and their subsequent shut-down in Alaska effect prices at the pump? David asks Jim that plus his thoughts on Walmart getting into the fuel selling business with a new commitment to the eco-friendly E85. What is E85? Don’t worry, Jim will explain everything.
What’s the future of motorsport when it seems every series out there is going for one engine, one tire, and one cookie cutter package? David and Jim share their opinions.
Jim Hossack and other executives at AutoPacific had the opportunity to lunch with Rick Wagoner, CEO of the embattled General Motors. Find out his impressions. And speaking of GM, they’ve decided to take on some partners – BMW and DaimlerChrysler to be exact – in an effort to develop a new hybrid engine that will work in larger American trucks and SUVs.
David and Jim have a full plate this week, so tune in!
Show Rundown
01:08 British Petroleum’s Alaskan Pipeline
03:08 The Future of E85
06:50 Motorsport’s Fading Manufacturers
10:28 An Afternoon spent with GM’s Rick Wagoner
13:52 The New Hybrid from GM/DaimlerChrysler/BMW

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