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Honda Odyssey – Wins Motorist's Choice Minivan (Also a 2006 VSA and IVA winner)


AutoPacific’s Take on Odyssey’s Win: Honda Odyssey wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® and also was the Minivan class leader in the 2006 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award® and Ideal Vehicle Award®. Owners’ ratings of the reputation of the Odyssey and the Honda brand for reliability, dependability, and quality strongly contributed to its win. Odyssey owners also strongly rated seating and cargo capacity. After all, that is what a Minivan is all about.
IntelliChoice’s Spin: When the Honda Odyssey rose to the top of the minivan class in the Motorist’s Choice analysis, we at IntelliChoice were not very surprised. Afterall, the Odyssey has been a Best Overall Value of the Year winner the last three years, and shows no sign of losing that crown any time soon. An absolute standard-bearer for all other minivan’s to work towards, the Odyssey delights it’s owner everytime it is loaded up with supplies (and/or people!) as well as when it comes time to make that monthly payment. A true “Motorist’s Choice”!

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