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Infiniti QX56 – Wins Motorist's Choice Luxury Utility


AutoPacific take on the Win by Infiniti QX56 – The Infiniti QX56 is the overall winner of the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award®. It also handily won the award for the Luxury Utility Vehicle class. Unique styling, luxurious interior, and powerful V8 engine combine to give the QX56 its win. Comfortable, easy to live with and distinctive, QX56 is the top Motorist’s Choice.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Having the Infiniti QX56 sit on top of the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award table gives visibility into the exact reason that we felt such a survey could be helpul for people considering a new vehicle. Here we have a vehicle that delights it’s owners and delivers great 5 year Cost of Ownership as an extra reward. The 2WD model is projected to deliver a cost of just $56,117; over $2700 less than it’s competitive set.

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