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Kia Sportage – Win's Motorist's Choice Compact Utility


AutoPacific Take on Kia Sportage Win – Kia Sportage wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for Compact Utility Vehicles. On the product side of the equation, Sportage wins because it owners like its styling and package. In other words, owners find it easy to get into and out of, big enough to hold the number of people they want to carry, comfortable in both front and rear and with good cargo capacity. Kia has solved the Compact Utility Vehicle equation pretty well.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Welcoming the Kia Sportage into the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award collection is a pleasure, as this is a vehicle that delivers on so many different levels. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just over $29,000 on the well-equipped LX model, the Sportage provides that special combination of value, low price of entry, great utility and a rewarding driving experience.

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