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Lexus LS430 – Wins Motorist's Choice Luxury (Also a 2006 VSA and IVA winner)


AutoPacific Take on LS430 Win –
The Lexus LS430 wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Luxury Car class. Its owners also rated it so strongly it won the top honors in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award® and Ideal Vehicle Award® for 2006. The LS achieves its class leading performance with a strong reputation of the vehicle and the brand for reliability, dependability and quality. It’s class-leading vehicle attributes make the LS430 very easy to live with. Its owners rate it easy to get into and out of, very quiet, and luxurious. LS430 owners also find that it excels at the basics like braking and cargo capacity.
IntelliChoice Analysis – With the Lexus LS430, we have a true flagship. Not just for the Lexus line of fine vehicles, but for the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award winners as well. The LS is known for it’s rock-solid ride and quality, but it’s role as multiple Best Overall Value of the Year winner in the Luxury class should take away any misconceptions about it’s amazing value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership over $9000 less than it’s strong competitors from Mercedes and BMW, it is a true Motorist’s Choice.

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