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Lexus SC430 – Wins Motorist’s Choice Luxury Convertible


AutoPacific Take on the Lexus SC430 Win – Owners rate the reputation of the SC430, the Lexus brand and the quality of Lexus dealerships as significant contributors to its win of the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Luxury Convertible class. SC430 owners find its interior and exterior styling combined with its slick operating retractable hardtop particularly appealing. For high image, sporty transportation that has head-turning styling, owners put SC430 on top.
IntelliChoice Analysis – With a 5-year Cost of Ownership almost $5000 less than its competitors, the Lexus SC430 continues to be a winner. With a design created with fine marine vessels and yachts in mind, the SC has an undeniable style and grace that never gets old. And with legendary Lexus quality and low maintenance built in, it becomes a clear Motorist’s Choice for 2006.

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