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Nissan Murano – Wins Motorist’s Choice Midsize Crossover


AutoPacific Take on Nissan Murano’s Win – Nissan Murano wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Mid-Size Crossover Vehicle class. It also won AutoPacific’s 2006 Ideal Vehicle Award® for its class. Murano owners rate its dynamic qualities strongly. Fun to Drive, braking, handling, ride are all important contributors to its win. Quality, reliability and dependability are rated strongly. In many ways Murano is a “package tour de force”; easy to get into and out of, great visibility, good seating front and rear.
IntelliChoice – The Murano is one of those vehicles that was expected to do well in the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award program. Rarely do we find a vehicle that continues to look great on the road and hold its place as a leader in it’s class year after year; especially in the tough Crossover SUV market. With a 5 Year Cost of Ownership just over $37,000, more than $3000 less than it’s competitors, the Murano will reward all of your senses.

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